Eyebrows + Rhinoplasty

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Does Rhinoplasty Affect Eyebrow/forehead Movement?

I have had my splint off for about a week now but still unable to move my eyebrows/feel my forehad. I have seen that smiling may temporary not be... READ MORE

How much down time should I give myself?

Plan to undergo Rhinoplasty, under eye fat removal, brow lift, fat removal around jaw line June, 2011. My in-laws want to book a 50 yr anniversary... READ MORE

Should I go for a surgery consultation ?

There is something I dont like about my face , I feel like its uneven and I want to get a nose job too & my eyebrows are uneven cause one of my... READ MORE

Eyebrow Transplantation, Rhinoplasty and Six Veneers. Which Order isrhino Best?

I am 33 and am planning on having an eyebrow transplantation, rhinoplasty and six veneers placed on the front of my top teeth. I know that... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty make your eyebrows lower and eyes look different?

I had a primary rhinoplasty over a year ago where an osteotomy was performed to manipulate the nasal bones in correction of a naturally deviated... READ MORE

What order would you suggest for these procedures; Rhinoplasty, Juvederm( face), Botox (lips) & Permanent Makeup (eyebrows)?

I would like to get the following done but not sure in which order: Rhinoplasty Eyebrowse permanent makeup ( Can I do this before I fix my nose? or... READ MORE

Depression between eyebrows after closed rhinoplasty.

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty Dec 20 2013 (a little over 2 months ago) and ever since I notice under some lights a shadow that is cast between my... READ MORE

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