Edema + Rhinoplasty

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Residual Edema Vs Scar Tissue? How Do I Know When It's The Final Result? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 9 months ago and the tip is still VERY bulbous, asymmetrical, and hard. There has also been very little to no progress since the... READ MORE

Pulmonary Edema After Septorhinoplasty

I'm 20, last year I did a septorhinoplasty under general anesthesia (propofol, esmeron and sufentanyl were used) and after the extubation I had a... READ MORE

External Scar and Bump After Rhinoplasty (2weeks Post Op)? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty to mainly correct the bump .My cast was taken off 8 days after. There was an external scar and my surgeon said that my skin was... READ MORE

Poor Technique or Unresolved Edema? (photo)

I am a persian female concerned about my results after a Rhino which took place 10 weeks ago to correct asymmetrical nostrils and make the overall... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Edema >1 Year Later?

I'm a physician myself and underwent a septorhinoplasty a little over a year back. No implant was used, and the rhinoplasty was only reduction. I just... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Edema? Pros/cons, 5 Weeks Post-op. (photo)

Hello, I am 22 yr.old South Asian male that was a smoker prior to my procedure to correct the dorsal hump and rotate the tip slightly. Although, I... READ MORE

Rhinopl: Can U Be to Late with Injections (Steroid,kentalog,cortisol Etc) Could They Still Be Usefull After 18-26 Months Post?

1 yr post, total rhino/septum surgery, no grafts,thick skin,tip work. Osteotomies. Difference morning vs evening appereance. Fluid/edema on finger... READ MORE

Very Frightened I Shifted a Medpor Implant. No Infection Suspected, but Continual Edema/scar Tissue, W/ Capillary Damage.Advice?

I will see my surgeon,so he can look at it, but long story short,at 6 wks post-op, I am afraid & injured/shifted a rotated medpor implant in my... READ MORE

According to this picture, does my nose look swollen? (Photo)

I had my rhinoplasty done about 3 and a half months ago. When I squeeze the outside of my nose, I hear a fluid sound, which obviously means there is... READ MORE

Is this an edema or will my nose stay like this forever? (photos)

I had a nose injury 3 weeks ago while doing sports ( I was lifting 10 kilos and it felt on my nose, but I was still holding the weight).. it was quite... READ MORE

Can a nose be safely operated on if there's still some edema caused by scarring?

Nasal valve collapse correction caused by unaddressed scar tissue & cartilage removal. A surgeon derotated my nose at an odd angle in rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with nasal implant - When smile I see the implant moving

It has been a week since I had a rhinoplasty with an implant placed. Splint removed and nose tapped to decrease edema but when I smile I can see the... READ MORE

Taping and massaging after rhinoplasty. Do I have a chance to raise my tip even a little by taping while recovering from edema?

Hello, I've had a septorhinoplasty and am 19 days post-op. I also had a cast on for 2 weeks. I trust my surgeon however I would have been happier with... READ MORE

Should the nasion be augmented? (Photo)

I am experiencing a minor dorsal hump. There should not be any edema remaining because I am 11 months post op. It seems rather than reduction, either... READ MORE

Lung pressure and pain after rhinoplasty, felt mostly at night. Pulmonary edema?

I am six weeks post-op for septo-rhino & my breathing has gotten worse. I have nasal valve collapse b/c the graft put in widened my dorsum so much I... READ MORE

How could I treat my swelling nose since I did more than 8 injections of steroids within 2 years after my rhinoplasty surgery?

I did a rhinoplasty for my nose since 4 years ago but it didn't work so I repeated it again after a year and a scar resulted from it which made me do... READ MORE

Is there edema inside the nose, under the bone like the swellings we see on the nose after surgery?

Hi doctors. I wonder something. Does our nose have some swellings inside, i mean under the bone or cartilage? Doctors often say the nose will settle... READ MORE

5 yrs post op, doctor added cartilage to my nose tip. My nose still have edema & swollen when I touch. Is this normal? (photos)

I had got rhinoplasty operation by my nose 5 years ago.Doctor said that he made added caritlage to my nose tip which is between my eyes by my own... READ MORE

Is this edema, swelling, or what? 35 days post-op closed rhinoplasty. (Photo)

Hi everyone! Does edema take place at the place where i signed on picture? There is a bump on the left side but not on right side. When i press on it,... READ MORE

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