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Crooked Nose = Deviated Septum?

My nose looks as if it has been pushed to the right side of my face. I have never had a broken nose, it seems as though it had developed that way. I... READ MORE

Dry Nostrils and Burning After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction one month ago. I didn't have any problems during recovery. Now, however, I can still see... READ MORE

How Soon Can Accutane Be Used After Rhinoplasty?

I've used Accutane before and want to use it soon after Rhinoplasty. But Accutane can really dry up your sinuses. Would that be bad for the healing... READ MORE

Dry Swollen Nose

I had a rhinoplasty about 7-8 months ago and everything was going well up until my allergies started and my nose started to get dry from the inside.... READ MORE

Is Nasal Congestion Post-rhinoplasty Common?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago. Since the surgery, I have one nasal cavity that remains overly dry/scabbed and is prone to bleeding. I am also... READ MORE

Tip of Nose is Red ad Dry a Year After Rhinoplasty, Why? Options? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 13 months ago and the tip of my nose still is consistently dry and flaky. The swelling is gone, just the tip of my nose is red and... READ MORE

Allergies from Rhinoplasty?

About a year ago I had a Rhinoplasty. My nose looks fine it's the inside of my nose that's almost always dry and sometimes I can't breathe... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty Is It Normal For Nose To Feel Dry Indoors While It's Runny Outside? 1 Year Post-Op.

After rhinoplasty my nose always feels very dry when I am indoors, and when I am outside in cold air it always running, is that normal? (One year... READ MORE

Dryness in Nose After Turbinectomy?

I had a turbinectomy done about 10 days ago with a septoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty. I have a lot of dryness in my nose. Is this normal? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Questions

Hello Everyone, I've had Rhinoplasty surgery performed a year and a half ago and I find it odd that my nose is still dry and swollen, the tip is... READ MORE

Alarplasty Holes After Stitch Removal Permanent?

Hi i'm 5 days post op. on the third day, the stitches are already removed and when i went home to clean it, i noticed that there are 3 or 4 holes from... READ MORE

Why does the saline solution dry and burn my nasal passage after a septorhinoplasty?

Day5 Post-Op, my doctor suggests I clean my nasal passages with saline after Day1. I've been dipping a Q-tip in the Ocean Saline Nasal Spray to clean... READ MORE

Sharpness in Left Nostril After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I got my rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I feel sharpness in my left nostril , it feels like there is something lodged inside. When I look up the... READ MORE

Four Weeks Post Op Open Rhinoplasty, Nose Feels Extremely Dry, Should I Be Worried?

I am almost four weeks post op open rhinoplasty with osteotomies, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. I am breathing well but my nose feels... READ MORE

It's Been 36 Days Now Since my Rhinoplasty, I Had Osteotomies Done and Rasping. I Still Have Wheezing and Dryness?

I have some traces of clear fluid with bad odor from time to time and traces of dots of fresh blood but not always. I ran the other day and the... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Dryness to Go Away in my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I am currently 7 days post-op rhinoplasty and I have I horrible dry sensation inside my nostrils, more so in the front. At first, I thought dry... READ MORE

How can I help loosen the dried blood clots in my nose? I am exactly 1 week post op. Breathing well thru nose/ sleeling elevated

I have a nose full of hard dried blood clots. I cleaned the front of my nostrils, and looking at me directly you wouldn't be able to see any blood... READ MORE

Can anesthesia have permanent effects on hair?

I had a rhinoplasty in 2011 and since then my hair has completely dried out. It is not falling out, it is very thick and dry now. There are no natural... READ MORE

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