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6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Will Swelling Continue to Decrease or Is This My Final Result?

Hi its been 40 days since Ive done with my open rhinoplasty but Im so depressed now cuz my nose is still looks big and puffy and its base looks wide I... READ MORE

What Mental Exercises Are Good for Rhinoplasty Depression?

How long does depression last after surgeries like rhinoplasty? How common is it for patients too feel even more depressed about their looks after... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty I've Been Really Depressed, Is it Possible to Reverse Surgery?

It's been about a month after rhinoplasty and I noticed I look weird without my bump I got removed. Every morning I wake-up more sad, knowing I... READ MORE

I'm Still Depressed After my Rhinoplasty, When Will I Feel Better?

I heard that being depressed after a rhinoplasty is a normal feeling but that it usually goes away in a few days. I am a month and a half post op and... READ MORE

How To Improve Depressed Scar and Ridge 1 Month Post-Op?

I had rhinoplasty 34 days ago. There is a ridge on the right side of my nose but not on the left, formed by a depressed part on right side that the... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix Short, Depressed Nose and Will Insurance Cover It?

The nasion part of my nose is depressed. my nose is short .what is best way to fix my nose? There is no projection or dip that you can normally see in... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for a Collapsing Nose?

The left side is slightly depressed and the muscle is detreriorating. It flexes out more, also when breathing. More than the other side. It is also... READ MORE

Can this rhinoplasty be reversed? (Photo)

The doctor changed my entire face I am traumatized. Can someone please help me?! My nose is like a stick. Way too small for my face and he made it... READ MORE

What is the hard bump has appeared on the left side of my nasal bridge toward my eye area? (Photo)

I had surgery on dec 3, 2013...loved my results! Nose was perfectly straight. Doc told me to use my cast to apply pressure to the bridge to keep bones... READ MORE

how much should it be to get a nose job for a teen?

The question isnt really clear. im asking like how much would it take to get a nose job as a teen to convince your parents? like i quit several... READ MORE

Seeking rhinoplasty after I had a facial right maxillary sinus fracture in 2008 (Photos)

5 months back, I underwent "Bilateral FESS and Septoplasty " to cure my sinuses and a deviated septum. A surgeon suggested me of going in for Nasal... READ MORE

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