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When I Was 16 I Broke my Nose but Became Really Deformed, Can I Get Surgery to Fix It?

When i was 16 i was punched in the nose, by after the swellings came down my nose was deformed. The side of my nose is now bent and the bridge of my... READ MORE

What is Effect of Light on Rhinoplasty Result? Nose Looks Deformed 4 Years Post Op In Certain Lighting. (photo)

I had nose job 4 years ago. My droppy tip and slightly hump was corrected via open rhinoplasty oprroach.I am interest in getting question from you... READ MORE

One Year Post Septorhinoplasty and my Nose Looks Deformed (photo)

Hello! I got a septo-rhinoplasty in April 2010. It is strange because my nose looks beautiful 95% of the time BUT when I go under certain lights, my... READ MORE

Severe Nose Bleed After Rhinoplasty?

Severe nose bleed 9 days after my rhinoplasty, 2 days after my cast was removed. I went to the ER and I was hospitalized for 1 day. They put merocel... READ MORE

I Want to Remove My Silicone Implant in my Nose. Will it Look Deformed After?

Hi, It's been a month since my rhinoplasty, and even though my doctor did a wonderful job and once all the swelling goes away the nose is going to... READ MORE

I Have a Hugely Deformed Nose? (photo)

I was born with a large deformed nose. Ever since I was very young I wished to have it fixed. I had been bullied throughout my childhood because of it... READ MORE

How Often Does Rhinoplasty on Younger Patients Call for Later Surgeries As the Nose Grows?

Is there any possibility of deformation of the nose in younger rhinoplasty patients due to growth? READ MORE

Did I Do Damage to my Nose by Manipulating It During Nose Job Healing? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty nose job surgery back in Fall of 2009. In the spring of 2010, I manipulated my nose a lot and ever since then, it... READ MORE

To Revise or Not To Revise? Dent on Side, V-Deformity, More? (photo)

Rhino w/ fine results, 4 yrs later wonky cartilage show on tip so did revision. Not bad but a dent one side. 10 years now and have range of defects: V... READ MORE

I'm 8 months post op, my nose is deformed. Is this normal? (photos)

I don't like how my nose looks, it is 8 months post op... will it change from this? I am thinking this is an nose infection, as it itches and becomes... READ MORE

Hey guys, I would like to know if I could get rhinopasty with an estimate? (Photos)

I'm not to sure what to say. I've been other people's reviews and have been seeing some good results, I guess I'm already fed up with these put downs... READ MORE

3 months PO what's happened to my nose? Has the collumella dropped or retracted?

I had a open septo-rhinoplasty. I went in for my nose streightening, bump removal with bridge and tip thinning. My surgeon advised it would look too... READ MORE

Advice and opinions on what can and can't be done during a third nose operation? (Photo)

Left-hand side appears deformed, the bone has collapsed down the side of my nose. Projection and length are still too big, and generally my nose looks... READ MORE

What can be done to straighten my nose and correct my breathing through one nostril? (Photo)

Around 7weeks ago I broke my nose and went to an ent and had surgery to make sure my airway was clear .The ent doctor didn't really bother about the... READ MORE

2 months post op, I have no definition, rounded region like scar tissue, indented, visible scar. Any suggestions? (photo)

2 months ago I asked about infection, and abnormal looking nose. I have very little improvement.Nose has no definition. It is indented at one side.My... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose? Could it be fixed after a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Rhinoplasty done to remove a bump on the bridge of my nose in 2009. Revision Rhinoplasty in 2013 to fix bent bridge and improve breathing inhibited... READ MORE

2 month post op of open rhinoplasty to narrow nose bridge, my nose still looks big and deformed. Is this normal? (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty on 4/9/14 to narrow the nose. It has improved, but it still looks big and the nostrils look deformed(in pictures more than in... READ MORE

8 months post op, and worried that my nose might be deformed. I'm not satisfied with my results (Photo)

I had an endonasal 8 months ago , I thought swelling is the reason of my concerns but I'm not sure now if it is( a deviated collumela, a bump on the... READ MORE

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