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Is It Possible to Contour One Side of Nose Cartilage While Maintaining a 'Blended Look'? (photo)

Opinions: 1st plastic surgeon wants to graft cartilage to make the more contoured side fuller, fix my deviated septum which everyone has said is why... READ MORE

Did I Ruin my Nose Contour After my Rhinoplasty?

Hi.i had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and the day i got my cast off i continously squeezed on the side of my nostril which left a flat indent. i thought... READ MORE

Botched? My nostrils are uneven and my nose looks artificial. I'm not sure if it's the swelling. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago & I have several problems. I removed my bandages & am not pleased with the results. I'm not sure if it's because... READ MORE

How much can Rhinoplasty make a difference on my face? (photos)

I am considering rhinoplasty and would like to know how much it would cost and what would need to be done...I have a wide nose, I am a Latina, and I... READ MORE

Why do I have a "contour" on my dorsum, it's visible after open rhino? Will it go away? (photo)

I had open rhino about 1 month & a week 1/2 ago and I'm starting to notice mostly on my left side a Line going down on both sides. I hate it, looks... READ MORE

Can my rhinoplasty look similar to this? Is it difficult to reduce the size of my nostrils? (Photo)

I want my nose slimmer and my tip contoured!! It is flat and wide and points down. Do I have a wide bridge?? And is reducing the size of nostrils very... READ MORE

6 months post-op of Rhinoplasty. I have alar rim contour/retraction problem. Will it even out naturally by healing? (photos)

I am 6 post-op (primary closed rhinoplasty). Pleased with results, except the alar rim form. It is almost a retracted. I want a soft natural... READ MORE

Do I need rhinoplasty, or is it possible to have a non surgical nose job for similar results? (Photo)

I want to contour my nose. I feel that my nasal tip is a bit round and my nostrils are too. What is the best way to go about fixing this? READ MORE

Should I do a Rhinoplasty or mandible contouring first? Will swelling affect the accuracy of the nose job?

Let's say, if I decide to have mandible contouring first- Will swelling affect the accuracy of the nose job? And if I should have mandible contouring... READ MORE

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