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Rhinoplasty Questions You Must Ask a Doctor in a Consultation

What questions should be asked in a rhinoplasty consultation READ MORE

How Long from Consult to Surgery for a Rhinoplasty?

I have been considering a rhinoplasty for the past ten years, and finally have the means (and the bravery!) to go for it. As such, I'm ready to do... READ MORE

Should I Bring Pictures of Desired Noses to Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Hello, I was considering having a rhinoplasty procedure, but had some questions concerning it. I have read up on this for almost a year, but this... READ MORE

Time Between Rhinoplasty Consultation and Surgery?

Most doctors I'm looking at are out of town.How long after a consultation does one have to wait to have the rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

How Much Would a Small Implant for Nose Tip Cost?

After years of staring at my profile in the mirror I have come to the conclusion that what I need is not surgery to remove a bump in my bridge, but a... READ MORE

Best Way to Evaluate Crooked Nose?

4 years ago I got a headbutt from a drunk person leaving me with a crooked nose. I had surgery to fix this( doctor,no specialist regarding plastic... READ MORE

When to Schedule an Appointment to Book a Rhinoplasty for the Summer?

I have only a narrow window in work schedule to have a rhinoplasty, so I wonder when should I have a consultation to book a surgery for June ? (how... READ MORE

Overwhelmed After my Nose Job Consults

Ok ive had 2 rhinoplasty consults: 2 questions 1. md#1 says he must intubate me md#2 says he will not intubate me (iv sedation) so is it best to be... READ MORE

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask During my Consultation with a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

What do I need to know about rhinoplasty surgery? What kind of questions should I ask about the surgeon? How many surgeons should I consult? READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned if the Doctor Has No Nurses?

I am considering getting Rhinoplasty. When I went to visit with the facial surgeon I was told that he doesn't have any nurses on staff. Does this... READ MORE

Do Doctors Usually Refuse Your Request for a Nose Job?

So, I have really been considering getting a nose job for a long time now. I consider my nose to be crooked/leaning to one side, it has a bump in the... READ MORE

How Do I Explain What I Want Done for my Nose to Look a Bit More Like This Girl's? (photo)

I know you can't get it exactly the same but I'd like it to look similar. I know she also got plastic surgery too. Can you explain to me what... READ MORE

Can I Go on a Consult for Rhinoplasty Just to Ask if They Think I Need It?

I like my nose straight on & in profile, it seems small to me, but I noticed in pics where I'm bent forward a little, my bridge seems wide.... READ MORE

Consultation + Surgery in 7 Days?

I am thinking about getting traveling to Seattle from Alaska to get a rhinoplasty. Would I be able to get a consultation and surgery in 1 week? If... READ MORE

What Rhinoplasty Surgeon Credentials Should I Look for to Avoid Complications?

What would be some good questions to ask the surgeon during consults? READ MORE

Is it Encouraged to Bring Photos of Noses I Like to a Consultation for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am going for a primary consultation for rhinoplasty. Is it frowned upon to bring photos of noses I like to a consult? Obviously, it is not going... READ MORE

I'm Going in for a Rhinoplasty Consult. Is It Encouraged to Bring in Altered Photos of my Nose? (photo)

I found a plastic surgeons website where you can change the shape of your nose. Surprisingly, it looks amazing, to me, and want an opinion on whether... READ MORE

Is It a Red Flag if a Surgeon Does Not Use Digital Imaging?

I've had a consultation with a well-regarded surgeon for a rhinoplasty, but he doesn't use digital imaging. Should I be concerned? Do most plastic... READ MORE

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