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Last Night Whilst Yawning (Gently) my Nose Clicked? I Am 5 Days Post Open Rhinoplasty and Still Have my Cast on.

My nose used to hurt whenever I smiled a little or yawned but now, since it made that click, it feels fine. I had open rhinoplasty which mostly... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Clicking Inside of the Nose Tip..

3 month ago I had an open reduction rhinoplasty of tip and bridge. Now, the tip of nose is still big and looks high, and I notice that when I push... READ MORE

Nose Makes Strange Clicking Noise when I Eat, Is This Normal?

I had surgery Aug/10/12 so it's been over a year My doctor told me my healing could take up to 2 years , I have pretty thick skin and my nose area... READ MORE

I Appear to Have a 'Button' Near the Tip of my Nose That Affects the Airflow Between my Nostrils. I'm Guessing That's Not Normal

Suffering a number of issues with my nose, including chronic congestion, heavy sneezing and waking up in most mornings with severe headaches. Last... READ MORE

I hit my nose against a friend's head while swimming. How can I know if I have a broken nose?

I was swimming with my friend and he was right underneath me while I was doing laps. As I flipped to go the other direction I bashed my nose onto his... READ MORE

9 days PO, nephew headbutted me & I heard low click sound from nose. Is this normal?

I had a SeptoRhinoplasty done 9 days ago, and my antsy 2 yr old nephew head butted me & I heard a low 'click' sound from my nose. There was no... READ MORE

7 days post-op. I felt and heard a very slight click on the right side below the bridge. Is this any reason for concern?

I had septoplasty + rhinoplasty seven days ago. My cast was removed yesterday and now it is just taped. I have been scratching the OUTSIDE of my nose... READ MORE

I have a clicking sound after turbin reduction. Any suggestions?

Hi Doctor, I had first rhinoplasty and then I figured out that I had difficult in breathing 3 years later and I went to ENT specialist and he said I... READ MORE

There is a bump on one side of my nose after an osteotomy & now under pressure I feel/hear a clicking sound. Suggestion? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty, grafts and an osteotomy, done 4 months ago. One month in, I noticed that the right side of my nose was wider than the left. It... READ MORE

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