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Do I Need to Consider How my Chin Looks to Get the Best Results?

I want a rhinoplasty but from everything I've read it seems like I need to take the look of my chin into consideration instead of just the size of my... READ MORE

Combination Nose Job and Chin?

I severely dislike my nose and chin, they aren't very feminine to me. I would prefer a smaller chin and my nose is relatively round and bulbous. I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty While Wearing Braces?

Will my jaw and chin change because of the braces and must I wait until I remove the braces to have Rhinoplasty and to see the changes that braces did... READ MORE

Cost of Chin Implant + Rhinoplasty in NY or NJ

I was wondering what the cost of rhinoplasty + chin implant in NY or NJ. How much less would the surgery be by having 2 operations in one shot. Also... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Nose Job but Do I Also Need a Chin Implant?

I'm 17 I'm turning 18 on February 8th and I want to get a rhinoplasty because my profile is really not harmanious and I've been... READ MORE

In General What is the Success Rate for Rhinoplasty + Chin Implant Together?

And how important a chin implant is for a face in case my nose stands out on profile view? READ MORE

Total Cost of Rhinoplasty, Facial Liposuction and Cheek Implants?

I am definitely planning on having rhinoplasty. I also wanted to have liposuction in my lower cheeks, around mouth area and chin as well as cheek... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty/Liposuction/Chin Implant Improve my Profile and Ugly Neck? (Photo)

I have an under developed lower jaw and a slight overbite. I feel like i have no definition between my neck and jaw, to make it worse i don't have a... READ MORE

Will Chin Still Look Underprojected After Reduction Rhinoplasty?

I’m 18. My doctor said that a reduction rhinoplasty would be great for me and also to fix some functional problems. Okay, the thing is that I... READ MORE

How Can I Improve my Face Profile? (photo)

I always dreamt about a rhinoplasty,but my husband is totally against it...So i want to ask what minor things i can do to improve my face in profile.I... READ MORE

Will Nasal and Chin Silicone Implants Shift?

I've had open Rhinoplasty in 2006 with a solid silicone implant (with re-arranged nasal cartilage placed on my nose tip) and in 2007, chin... READ MORE

Are Tip Rhinoplasty/Chin Lipo Possible with Local Anesthesia?

I am looking to get some work done on my chin and nose but am TERRIFIED of general anesthesia, it is just not an option for me. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Chin Implant Age Requirement for Male?

How old does a male have to be to get rhinoplasty with a chin implant? Also, how old would be comfortable for the doctors to do these procedures?... READ MORE

Can my Nose Become More Masculine, Yet Keep the Turned Up/sloped Look?

I've never really liked my nose. I don't like how there isn't a smooth progression down to the tip, which I feel is set to high. And it just seems... READ MORE

Do I Need a Rhinoplasty with a Chin Implant, Nostril Reduction and Nasal Spine Removal? (photo)

I have had various opinions and can't figure out what to do. Based on my profile, which of the following might I need? * Chin implant * Nasal... READ MORE

How Effective Would a Rhinoplasty/Genioplasty Be? (photo)

Here's my side profile and headshot, I'm wondering how much can be fixed with a rhinoplasty / genioplasty? Would I be able to reduce nostril size /... READ MORE

What is Most Indicated in my Perfiloplasty?

I have protruded chin and nose, and my face looks like a new moon. My mouth just disappears between them. I am aware that my nose and chin are big,... READ MORE

I Really Hate My Chin/nose, What's The Age Requirement To Get This Fixed?

I'm currently 15 years old, and I really hate my chin and nose. I feel as if they're both too big, and not at all flattering. How old would I need to... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Removal and Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi I'm 18 I was just a two questions regarding surgery I want done. I'm thinking about having rhinoplasty done wiht only a removal of the hump on my... READ MORE

Am a Good Candidate for a Possible Nasal Tip Refinement and Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi there! I am wondering whether or not I should consider having my tip refined and possibly a very small chin implant. I hate the way my nose looks... READ MORE

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