Blockage + Rhinoplasty

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Packs in Nose After Rhinoplasty. How Long Will This Take?

My doctor said these packs are absorbable. Therefore there is no need for the packs to be removed. Once I start to douche their nose with saline the... READ MORE

Shifting Nasal Obstruction Post Rhinoplasty

I have difficulty breathing post rhinoplasty. There's scar tissue in my nasal passages+ edges of the upper laterals have pierced the skin (can be... READ MORE

Options For Addressing Bulbous Nose Tip, but Narrow Bridge, And Sinus Issues? (photo)

I'm interested in a rhinoplasty for functional & cosmetic reasons. I've had sinus issues for years, blockage, chronic light bleeding only... READ MORE

I Cleaned my Nose Using Q-tip. How will I know if I damaged my nose?

3 weeks ago, I had open rhinoplasty. I had the bump removed, nose straightened (my nose diverted to the right from front view) and had my tip pulled... READ MORE

Sinus Blockage, Headache From Injury to Nose. Rhinoplasty and Insurance? (photo)

I'm a 20 y.o. fem. w/ a bent septum, and my nose is tilted from being hit in the face with a softball. It causes sinus blockage and headaches. I'm... READ MORE

I Got a Bump in my Right Nostril After Rhinoplasty 16 Days Ago. Now Its Preventing my Breath. Will It Go Away Soon? (photo)

After rhinoplasty i got a Bump inside my right nostril, my doctor told me it will go away but it is disturbing me cause it is blocking my breath and... READ MORE

Why Can't I Breathe Through Nose 4 Months After Septorhinoplasty?

I broke my nose a year ago and had trouble breathing through it in the day and at night. So in November I had a septorhinoplasty completed by an ENT... READ MORE

Open OR Closed OR Augumentation Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have had Nasal Fracture after a Trauma 10 months back. I have breathing problems due to blockage. I am not happy with my new look of the nose. Due... READ MORE

How to Clean Nostrils After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty procedure 6 days ago. My nostrils have been completely blocked by dried blood and scabs and I'm wondering if this is normal. They... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried if I Have Breathing Problems and Don't Like my Nose Three Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

My nose looks better where surgeon corrected it but worse in other areas. I'm worried this is not due to swelling but how it will look. Doctor lifted... READ MORE

Does Rhinoplasty Include Hump Reduction? (photo)

Hi doctors, I am an asian male, had a crooked nose way back 6-7 years ago in an accident. Until recently I'd realized that my right nasal has been... READ MORE

Combining Nose Jobs?

I have breathing difficulties due to my crooked nose. It blocks off one of my nostril passages and my parents urge me to get a nose job to fix the... READ MORE

Can I fix a deviated septum by punching myself in the nose?

My septum is deviated to the right and blocks my right nostril. If I punch the right side of my nose will it move back to the middle? Serious... READ MORE

90% blockage in left nostril due to deviated septum and crooked nose...please advise. (photo)

I have a deviated septum/crooked nose with 90% blockage in my left nostril. I have an enlarged turbinate as well. I know I need Septoplasty and would... READ MORE

Right Nostril Blocked Years After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhino/septoplasty 3 years ago, and after the splints/packing were removed, I used the saline spray regularly for a few months, and after that... READ MORE

I Had an Open Rhinoplasty 5 Months Ago Have a Blocked Feeling in the Top of my Nasal Passage. Why is This?

On the other side the blocked feeling is at the base of the passage. When i pull my cheeks the passages open. Will this clear up with time? Also the... READ MORE

Can a surgeon REFUSE to fix my nose?

I have a slight deviated septum...but for me it causes this annoying blockage. Right nostril is 24/7 about 50% blocked. But my doctor said he wouldn't... READ MORE

Is it a rhinoplasty very painful, after surgery when they do, your block of my nose?

I mean my bone and the tip and the width of the nose,is the price $5000 dollars to much price or because is to cheap i'll would have,bad surgery?... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty...what if I sneeze with a blocked nostril?

Hi. I'm nervous that I might sneeze and dislodge something that is being held together by blood! Is that possible..? Thanks READ MORE

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