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Does Rhinoplasty Improve Sinus Reaction?

Does having a Rhinoplasty help improve your sinus reactions? I have bad sinuses and I am hoping after the rhinoplasty, I will get that benefit as well... READ MORE

Would Rhinoplasty Benefit Me? (photo)

I'm not too happy with the lower part of my face. My nose is big for my face and has a bump. I also don't like how my upper lip/cupid's bow is farther... READ MORE

How Safe and Beneficial is Nose Reshaping Surgically? (photo)

I really think that my large nose spoils my facial appearance.Really want it to be corrected.I am a 24 yr old female. No one in my family is... READ MORE

Do you get better results having an open or closed rhinoplasty?

I am considering getting rhinoplasty and septoplasty done however I am unsure of whether open or closed it better. Are there benefits to both? Negatives? READ MORE

Augmenting the Width of my Nose?

I am about to go in for my second rhinoplasty, my first was to correct a saddle nose deformity. The PS. Used my septal cartilage for this surgery. But... READ MORE

How can I make my nostrils less noticeable? (photo)

I had a primary rhino/ septoplasty in 2009. I was pretty pleased with the result, but now I feel I would benefit from my nostrils being made less... READ MORE

Crooked nose or crooked face? Would a rhinoplasty procedure to straighten my nose be beneficial or not? (photos)

I had my nose punched and headbutted about 4 years back. I can't tell if it is crooked from the physical damage or if my face is naturally crooked and... READ MORE

What is the potential benefits of Rhinoplasty to a teen male that lack of nose shape? (photos)

I've been considering rhinoplasty mostly due to the tendency for my nose to flatten out when I smile and it's lack of a nose tip. I admire aesthetics... READ MORE

Would a Rhinoplasty be worth while? (Photo)

After having a face lift, eyes, cheeks, lips and forehead done, would I benefit and complete my package getting my nose done???? Opinions please READ MORE

Would I benefit from Rhinoplasty? (photos)

My nose is crooked from an old injury and I really don't like the bumpiness of my profile. I also think a little smaller might look better. What kind... READ MORE

What procedure would benefit my face to make it attractive? (photos)

I do not think my profile is attractive. I dislike my nose the most, and feel my profile is unbalanced. To me I do no look in proportion and feel it... READ MORE

Would I benefit from cutting the depressor septi muscle? (photos)

Hi there, my nose is quite wide but I actually like its shape and profile when I am not smiling. When I smile it speads across my face and totally... READ MORE

I am interested in functional Rhinoplasty and adding on some cosmetic benefit as well. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I had rhinoplasty performed in Costa Rica. The results have been less than favorable. I have also been having trouble breathing. It feel like I... READ MORE

Should I be concerned of anything before and after my Rihnoplasty/Septoplasty surgery?

I have a surgery on April 14, and I'm just to worried if anything goes wrong after surgery. My nose look really big and bad as it is. I just don't... READ MORE

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