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Can Nose Lose Its Shape Post Rhinoplasty?

My nose looked very nice and sharp and thin which I loved, after rhinoplasty. However, I used a nose spray for a few days and ever since it looks fat... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Apply an Antibiotic Ointment Inside and Outside my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My nose wasn't that swollen when my nose cast came off, however, after the doctor applied this antibiotic ointment inside and outside and nose and... READ MORE

MRSA Infection in Nose 4 Months After Rhinoplasty, Prescribed Antibiotics and Feel Worse?

I went to my nose surgeon thursday with redness and bumps that had been there for a week. She said that this far out of rhinoplasty it would be... READ MORE

How Long Before Post-Rhino Bump Goes Away?

Hello, I just went for my 6-week post op check up with my doctor and he prescribed Keflex for a small bump that appeared suddenly last week. He thinks... READ MORE

What is the Best Antibiotic for Nasal Implant Infection?

What is the Best Antibiotic for Nasal Implant Infection? READ MORE

Antibiotic Mistake Have Effect on Final Revision Rhinoplasty Result?

Fixed my bridge,pinched droopy nose,6 days ago,inner staple removed today, I made a mistake on my antibiotics, was supposed to take 4 Kephlex 500mg... READ MORE

Serratia Marcescens After Rhinoplasty. What Are Chances with a Silicone Implant?

20 days after a rhinoplasty with silicone implants, I'm infected with a bacteria called serratia marcescens. Have been on ciprofloxacin antibiotics... READ MORE

Is this pressure necrosis? If so, how do I treat it? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty surgery around 6 years ago. Several months ago, my nose started to get a bit red and painful. I went to an ENT clinic only to... READ MORE

Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

Hi! Im scheduled to get rhinoplasty in 9 days but I have caught pink eye and a really bad sore throat to go with it, Im getting antibiotics today but... READ MORE

Silicon Rhinoplasty infected on bridge one year post op. What should I do? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago and a Philippine doctor used a silicon implant. I've had several swelling and redness issues but now my bridge is... READ MORE

Is My Columella Infected after Rhino?

10 days ago had an open rhino fasia bone 4 bridge& ear cartiledge $ tip, 3rd day of surgery right nostril, the collumela has a red pain bump,... READ MORE

Bronchitis before Rhinoplasty. Is it ok to have the rhinoplasty if I have a small cough?

I am scheduled for rhinoplasty on Tuesday 10/21. On 10/11 I got bronchitis and started taking antibiotics the next day. I have finished the antibiotic... READ MORE

10 weeks post rhinoplasty feeling very down. My nose is very puffy and swollen. Will this get better? (Photo)

27th May this year I had an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty, I had a lot of bruising to begin with a but things slowly improved and was happy. At... READ MORE

Corticosteroids 16 Days Post Op?

After my surgery, I only had slight bruising because my PS hasn't broken my nose but he also didn't put a splint on it. I had my nose taped for a... READ MORE

8 days post op Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty, I'm facing mucus problem, runny nose, cough and slight ear pain. Is this normal?

I already took antibiotics, throat pain killers - everything that my surgeon prescribed. I am very uncomfortable with my runny nose and mucus... READ MORE

8 day post op closed Rhinoplasty for polly beak, the stitches inside my nose very irritating. Is this normal?

I had the tip corrected - the visual result is good. However, there are several stitches inside my nose and they are really irritating. I feel that... READ MORE

6 months post op, I have a hard bone like bump on my bridge. Is this normal?

I had an open rhinoplasty with an osteotomy for narrowing of the dorsum 6 months ago. Several months ago I noticed a small hard bump on the bridge in... READ MORE

Do I need a nasal bridge re-placement? (photos)

I had a nasal implant and about three years ago I began to get infections on the inside of my nose, after or during showers, I was able to pop and... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin after a closed rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Had a closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. About a week ago, my forehead started breaking out. I use benzaclin everyday and tried retin-a a couple days as... READ MORE

Should I be on antibiotics if i have had cartilage harvested from my ear?

I recently (4 day) had a functional rhinoplasty done with a cartilage harvest done on my left ear. I was given pain medication but no antibiotics.... READ MORE

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