Alar Rim Graft + Rhinoplasty

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Alar Batten Grafts

Hello, I wanted to know what exactly does an Alar Batten graft achieve? Also will it make my alar base wider or increase the flare? Will it make the... READ MORE

My Right Nostril is Slightly Retracted and Bigger Than the Left Nostril. Do You Think Alarm Rim Graft Would Help? (photo)

My Right Nostril is Slightly Retracted and Bigger Than the Left Nostril. Do You Think Alarm Rim Graft Would Help? READ MORE

Are Alar Grafts Visible?

When using ear cartilage as an alar graft, can you tell it's there? READ MORE

Alar rim graft showing through skin

Hi,  I am at 18 days post revision rhinoplasty which included an alar rim graft to correct nostril asymmetry. I can still see a slight oval... READ MORE

Is Using Ear Cartilage Cheaper Than Rib in an Alar Graft?

I am looking to have Alar graft into my nose to lower rims. Using ear cartilage. But i need to know. In defintion is alar graft ear cartilage less... READ MORE

2 Weeks Ago, I Had a 2nd Nostril Rim Graft Put In. Both Grafts Are a Mistake. How Soon Can the Be Removed Safely? (photo)

I already have one graft inside my right nostril. The graft was put in to help me breath, and protrudes on the inside wall of my nose. The second... READ MORE

What is Best for Alar Rim Grafts if Septum is Not an Option, Ear or Rib?

If you have a patient with ear available would you ever choose rib over ear? Also does rib tend to warp with smaller grafts like these or is warp less... READ MORE

Alar Rim Grafts? When and How Can They Be Used?

Can an alar rim graft be used for a nose (no previous work done) which naturally has too high or flared nostril rim shape? I'm looking for a surgeon... READ MORE

Can Alar Strut Grafts Be Removed?

I had slight nostril retraction on one side, and my surgeron used alar strut grafts, with extended spreader grafts, but now my nose is stiff and... READ MORE

I am looking to get a Rhinoplasty. I have been to two consultations and have received conflicting advice? (photo)

One of the surgeons suggested alar rim graft and the other thinks that I do not need it. What is your opinion regarding this fact? Update (more... READ MORE

Alar rim graft please help! How soon can a alar rim graft be done after a rhinoplasty?

Had Rhinoplasty three weeks ago nose is straight but right front nostril rim has retraction and tip looks a little depressed on same side like skin is... READ MORE

1 year post op of Rhinoplasty, are alar rim grafts enough? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty last year , my nostrils are collapsed now. doing some research and notices that sometimes alar rim grafts are used to correct the... READ MORE

Can a double alar rim graft that is too bulky be corrected? (photos)

I have had 3 rhinoplasties. In the last surgery, my doctor placed a second piece of ear cartilage over an existing alar rim graft to help open my... READ MORE

Why Alar Batten Grafts Becomes Uncomfortable & Pop out (Bend Momently) when You Do a Facial Expression & Contract the Muscle?

I had a open revision rhino-septoplasty & turbinectomy @6 weeks. Since I had a bigger collapse on the left side, a bigger alar batten (septal)... READ MORE

Few Questions About Rim Grafts. Please, Help?

It's been 12 months since my first rhinop. and i'm not happy with the result. My tip is now a bit upturned and so my nostrils are more visible. I read... READ MORE

How to decrease nostril view? (photo)

Would like to make them smaller somehow and have less view of the columnella from the side. they also seem too long. so I am wondering if I can have... READ MORE

Results of Steroid injection permanent? (rhinoplasty)

I had a steroid injection done recently. it was injected in my nose tip and also into one of my alar rims. the side that was injected looks much... READ MORE

Do I need alar rim grafts for a boxy tip?

I have been to a couple of consultations about my boxy tip so far. Both said I need cartilage trimming however one suggest I only need 1 graft in the... READ MORE

Will removing Medpor batton and alar grafts which gave a pinched base and tip return my wider nasal cavity and vocal resonance?

Batton grafts have pinched my tip and pulled my cheeks in. Skin was also trimmed. The implants have narrowed the nasal cavity having a pinched affect... READ MORE

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