1 Day Post-op + Rhinoplasty

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Is It Okay to Clean Dried Blood Inside Nose a Day After Rhinoplasty?

I just had my rhinoplasty done yesterday and my doctor didn't put in any packing because he said that there was very minimal bleeding and it would... READ MORE

When Can I Masturbate (Just Had Rhinoplasty)

I'm a female and had rhinoplasty yesterday and I didn't bruise at all (my eyes are slightly yellowish/olive, not raccoon-ish at all). My nose... READ MORE

Clear Fluid Draining After Rhinoplasty. Is This Normal?

I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and rhinoplasty yesterday afternoon. The bleeding slowed down considerably but now I have clear fluid draining... READ MORE

Is Light Sniffling and Nose Breathing OK 1 Day Post Op?

Hello, I am one day post op and was wondering if light sniffling and breathing out of my nose is ok to do? I am breathing out of my mouth as much as I... READ MORE

Can a Nose Get More Swollen After Steroid Injections?

I had rhinoplasty 6 months ago to remove a hump. The profile looked good but from straight on nose looked wider and swollen. Today, my surgeon... READ MORE

Can Poking the Nose After Rhinoplasty Ruin the Results

I had rhinoplasty 2 days ago and my nose felt a bit droopy so i jently pushed the plastercast up towards my face, then i jently pushed the cast side... READ MORE

Crying After Rhinoplasty

My boyfriend made me cry right after I got home from my rhinoplasty. How will this affect my outcome and what can I do to minimize damage? READ MORE


I have just had an alarplasty procedure done yesterday, in Thailand and the results so far look ok, but the the surgeon used soluble sutures. I have... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty Surgery Yesterday, It is Quite Obvious That One Nostril is Bigger Than the Other. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty surgery yesterday, it is quite obvious that one nostril is bigger than the other. Is this normal? I know its been one day but I'm a... READ MORE

Is It OK to Gently Clean the Inside of Your Nose with a Moist Q-tip the Day After Surgery?

After I got home I cleaned the inside of my nose with a Q-tip and then gently wiped excess mucas with a Kleenex tissue. I then applied some Vaseline... READ MORE

Difficulty Urinating After Surgery?

Hi. I am a 20 year old male that had surgery completed about 12 hours ago under general anesthesia. Ever since I have been home it has been difficult,... READ MORE

Will my Nasal Tip Drop? (photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty yesterday morning. It was a closed rhinoplasty. The doctor performed osteotomies to straigthen the nose, removed a nasal hump,... READ MORE

Blew blood clot out of nose after Rhinoplasty.

I had a rhinoplasty this morning and i blew out my blood clot 8 hours after surgery. I dont have any bleeding left and i did it without too much force... READ MORE

Accidentally Bumped My Cast While Icing My Face On Day 1 After Rhinoplasty?

Felt a little bone move slightly on the bridge of my nose. have I ruined my nose job READ MORE

1 day post op of Rhinoplasty, I have uneven swelling and crooked nostrils. Is this normal? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty this morning and I came home and my nose is totally crooked with I ever nostrils (my nose was neither crooked nor uneven before... READ MORE

Pulled Something out of Nose One Day After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty (and septoplasty) about 24 hours ago. Something black and crusty felt stuck in my nose. So I took my tweezers and gently tugged... READ MORE

Help, I Am 1 Day Post Op and Feel That my Surgeon over Corrected my Nose, Did He? (photo)

I had a very deviated seltum corrected but did not want my length altered. He said the procedure was difficult and now I feel I have a short nose. READ MORE

I Just Had Closed Rhinoplasty Performed Today, and I Accidently Bent Over, and Felt a Slight Pain. Did I Potentialy Do Damage?

I just had closed rhinoplasty performed today, and i accidently bent over, and felt a slight pain. Did i potentialy do damage? READ MORE

Post-Rhinoplasty: Touching Taping by Splint While Icing?

Hi! I'm about 26 hours post rhinoplasty right now. I have a split on, but it's small & there's some taping under it that's extending down the... READ MORE

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