Upper Lip + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Heavy Bridge and Numb Upper Lip After Revision Rhinoplasty

Three weeks ago, I had Revision Rhinoplasty. Now, my upper lip area is numb, and the bridge area, where the bump used to be, feels so heavy, like... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce Distance Between Nose and Upper Lip with Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago for a hump removal. To my suprise, the doctor made my nose much smaller and deprojected it.The anterior nasal spine was... READ MORE

Is Anesthesia Required for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had done the nose job 2 month ago, but I'm not satisfied with the tip of the nose (the angle between tip and upper lip is a little bit low )so, I... READ MORE

Can an over Reduced De-projected Nose Cause the Upper Lip to Not Be Supported?

It has been 5 years after my rhinoplasty.I originally had a long nose with a tethered lip.My nasolabial angle is now very acute and my nose is much... READ MORE

My columella retracted causing an upper lip protrusion. How can this fixed? (photos)

Dear doctors, I am so depressed about how bad my nose looks after my primary, I had a much nicer nose before. it has changed my whole face, one of the... READ MORE

Will revision rhinoplasty make my long upper lip worse? (photo)

18-months after a primary to de-project my nose, I have been advised to have a revision to correct callus bumps, nostril asymmetry and a deviated... READ MORE

Can the Labii Superioris Be Reconnected to the Lower Lateral Cartilages During Revision ?

During primary rhinoplasty the doctor removed a large portion of the Lower Lateral Cartilages and I believe disconnected the connection it had with... READ MORE

Does lengthening the nose reduce the distance between the nose and upper lip?

I had rhinoplasty last year, which has left me with a shorter nose, therefore the distance between my nose and upper lip has increased. I'm planning... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty (revision) 55 days but I could not hold my head down... Or look down.

Hi doctors, having done my rhinoplasty first now I feel my upper lips will flood w/ blood flowing from somewhere above my lips. It is a pressure that... READ MORE

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