Thin Skin + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Is the Skin on my Nose to Thin

Hello about 2 years ago i had a rhinoplasty to remove a bump on the bridge of my nose , during the healing process a small hard lump apeared on my... READ MORE

Options for Grafts in a Revision Rhinoplasty with Thin Skin?

Hello, I have been told by doctors that I need spreader grafts and a graft on my bridge for a scoop. I have thin skin what are my best options for... READ MORE

Best Way to Fix Slightly Bumpy Nose?

I got surgery 20 yrs ago for a slightly deviated nose from a fight. The fix looked ok at first even though I noticed a slight shadow on my right... READ MORE

Is my Skin Too Thin for Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had my rhinoplasty in 2007 for a deviated septum and he also reduced the tip and projection. The tip of my nose is quite thin and i have been told... READ MORE

Revision on a Discolored Nose?

Hello, I'm about six months out from a revision rhinoplasty in which I believe my skin was thinned. I am a fair skinned caucasian so I don't think... READ MORE

From Your Experience, How Soon Can a Cartilage Graft from Septum or Scar Tissue Begin to Soften or Resorb Some?

8 months post-op and still have a little swelling mostly on right tip and supra tip area. I have thin skin. An underlay graft was placed under right... READ MORE

How to Place a Spreader Graft So It Won't Be Seen Externally on a Thin-skinned Patient?

Hello, I have heard some doctors comment that spreader grafts can make the upper part of the nose too wide or bulky. However, I have seen some before... READ MORE

How Are the Bones Kept in Place After Being Broken for Nasal Bone Narrowing? Glue?

I'm east asian and underwent nasal bone narrowing in the orient. My surgeon placed a graft (septal cartilage) on top of my bridge without my consent.... READ MORE

How Common is It for Your Surgeon to Need to Do a Touch-up Procedure and Can They Be Done with a Closed Approach?

My ps may need to trim or remove an underlay graft made out of septal cartilage.It's caused my right tip cartilage to push against my skin & it... READ MORE

Does my case have hope? Thick skin, 2 rhinos, nose augmentation. (photos)

Hi in 2009, I had a rhinoplasty for a thinner and straighter nose and the Dr. blamed the horrilbe result on my body´s reaction to healing. After a... READ MORE

Why isn't fascia used more routinely in thin-skinned revision patients?

I have had a revision rhinoplasty and I have thin skin. So far the healing hasn't revealed any irregularities but I do worry about the long term... READ MORE

Pinched tip + tight thin skin + nostril asymmetry. Can it be fixed with revision to achieve a natural looking nose? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done three years ago. For the first year I was happy with it,cause it looked natural. Once the swelling went down I've developed a... READ MORE

Is filler in the tip/lower lateral cartilage area okay?

I have been told by some rhinoplasty surgeons that fillers in the tip of the nose are OK, but have also been told that it could lead to issues from... READ MORE

Why are some top rhinoplasty doctors for and some against fascia grafting? Please help this thin skinned patient.

I chose to have a revision rhinoplasty to correct visible asymmetry to my tip after an accident/"shrink wrapping".Although my tip was left untouched... READ MORE

Options after an unsuccessful revision with experienced surgeon to address tip asymmetry in the thin skinned patient?

My cartilage is still asymmetrical after surgery. No camouflage techniques. The R tip sits a bit higher & pushes out where R lateral crural... READ MORE

Who would you recommend for a revision rhinoplasty? I live in the pacific NW, Canada; but will go anywhere to see someone great.

My nose is twisted from prior surgeries. My skin is thin, the cartilage implants to fix an open roof deformity are visible, the deformity is still... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons out there who can do tertiary Revision Rhinoplasty in a closed procedure ?

Are there any surgeons out there who can do tertiary revision rhinoplasty in a closed procedure ? My case is complex and my skin is very thin. Is it... READ MORE

I have an over-projected nose, no longer feminine shape of bridge, angle of nose altered. Any suggestions?

The over-projection alone is embarrassing to walk around with. The nostrils have been made too long by the alar rim cartilage grafts and the tip graft... READ MORE

Thin Skin Resulting After Several Rhinoplasties - is There Anything That Can Help Promote Thicker Skin?

Ater 6 operations on my nose following a breakage and poor initial surgery, the skin has become very thin on the left side. My last surgery included... READ MORE

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