Tape + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Is there any risk in taping the nose after cast removal to reduce swelling?

Had a closed rhino revision 10 days ago. My doctor didn’t tell me to tape my nose after cast removal, but I did it anyway. First two days it worked... READ MORE

Taping nose a month post op revision rhinoplasty?

I had taped my nose maximum 2 weeks post op revision rhinoplasty. My surgeon wanted to remove it a week post op. but I asked him to keep it longer and... READ MORE

Hump After Taping a Revision Rhinoplasty, Permanent?

I had revision rhino 7 weeks ago to remove hump. My doc didn’t brake bone he rebuild it using my own cartilage from septum . Nose was nicely curved... READ MORE

Do I need to have cast on after the surgery if no bone breaking was involved? I had cartilage graft on the bridge? (Photo)

I had my 3rd reversion rhinoplasty on Fab.19th 2015,I don't have any cast on ,only tape I'm extremely swollen, ,doctor said he didn't broke any bone... READ MORE

Why do I STILL have a hump?

In June 2012 I had a rhinoplasty. 6 months later, it appeared that the hump was back so I had a revision. Since then I have been taping my nose every... READ MORE

I had revision 3 weeks post op

Hi, i had my revision rhino, only 3 weeks after my primary open rhino. My bump on the bridge grew back very large and my surgeon suggested an revision... READ MORE

Tape after rhinoplasty

I had a revision rhino, and was instructed by my doctor to wear tape on my nose every day for a month post op. And now that a month has passed, it has... READ MORE

Scar tissue and taping question 1 week post op 4th Rhinoplasty.

Hello, I took my splint off today and my nose is swollen as hell because I had a rib graft and it is my 4th surgery! Looks semi-good in its swollen... READ MORE

Will taping the nose aid in the forming as well as the swelling, or can it have more negative then positive results? (photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago where I had an artificial graft placed on the one side. I have been taping my nose nightly ever since and... READ MORE

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