Shorten + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Is my Nose Still Swollen or is It Scar Tissue? Will my Nose Get Smaller? (photo)

I had my second rhinoplasty almost 6 month ago. My nose was shortened and narrowed. The bone swelling has settled down. But the whole cartilage... READ MORE

Very Self Conscious of Nose Since Rhinoplasty.

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty a year ago as I had a wide tip.I wanted a more defined bridge and tip,but have ended up with the appearence of a flat bridge... READ MORE

How to Best Shorten Vertical Nose Length and Optimize my Facial Features? (photo)

I've had surgery in june 2011 in order to reduce the appearance of my nose. While I'm generally satisfied with the results, I feel the surgery left... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Shorten a Long Nose?

Hi! I am post op 14 months, my nose is still too long. Can my nose be shortened under local anesthetic? And what would the swelling be like? for minor... READ MORE

I Would Like to Shorten or Remove my Strut Graft. Is This Simple to Do? Can It Be Done Using a Closed Procedure?

Two years ago I had an open rhinoplasty and my doctor gave me a strut graft that extended my tip out 4mm beyond my original length, and now I am left... READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Get my Nasal Implant Removed, and then Get a Rhinoplasty Revision?

I'd like to get the Gore-tex implant removed from my nose because I feel it is too high and unnatural. I'd like it a lot shorter and smaller... READ MORE

Septocolumellar Suture Removal Possible? (photo)

4 ks ago my nose was shortened and my tip was turned up via a septocolumellar suture. i am EXTREMELY unhappy with the results since I wanted to... READ MORE

Can Breathing Problems Arise if a Nose is Shortened Too Much?

I'm 8 month's (closing in on 9) post op from my primary rhino. I've had a terrbile time breathing since I had the surgery. I noticed if I pull my nose... READ MORE

When the Tip is Rotated Up Are the Nostrils Shortened Too?

I'm looking to get a revision to make my nose more longer and roman like as it was before.I had a hump reduction and my nostrils and tip were reduced.... READ MORE

I'm not happy with my nose job.Can a reconstruction give me the result i want? (photo)

Before my nose was quite long with a high nasal bridge with a small bump on it.I wanted to remove the bump and make my nose tip slimmer.My surgeon... READ MORE

Will a columella lift/tuck make my nose look shorter and the tip less pointy? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 7 months ago, I would like to have a revision and lift or tuck in the columella. Would this make my nose look shorter from the... READ MORE

Can I get a revision in 4 months? Do I need to get graft added to the tip of my nose ? My nose is too short and not even (Photo)

I had closed rhinoplasty bulbous tip and nostrils to wide . Now I feel my nose seems shorter and crooked. I also feel one side of my nostril is very... READ MORE

How Did I Get Here? Tip Post Rhino 1.5 Yrs (photos)

My rhino was Fall2013. Goal was to remove the huge bump &shorten the tip a bit. It was successful but the tip has become a problem. The tip was... READ MORE

Can I get a short length of nose? (photos)

It's been a year and I'm on to my revision surgery soon as doc said my nose has 'dropped' I asked for a short lenghthed nose, he said he can't do it... READ MORE

How can the tip of my nose be revised? (photos)

I had a surgery a year ago. My tip is still bad. My tip was just raised but My problem isnt solved. I want the length of the tip to look shorter from... READ MORE

Interested in tip plasty - Revision Rhinoplasty. (Photo)

Hi Interested in tip plasty to narrow the bottom half of my nose and make the tip shorter/turn up slightly. Is this do able? Thanks READ MORE

5 months post op, nose wider after revision rhinoplasty. Any suggestions? (photo)

5 months ago I had a second revision rhinoplasty (closed) to correct a hanging columna and to improve my tip. However, I don't know what happened... READ MORE

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