Rotation + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Botched, Butchered Nose Need Revision Info Please? (photo)

Unforunately I got butchered by an ENT. he used the tongue and groove. I think I have alar retraction on the left and right.I will probably need... READ MORE

Are Caudal Septal Extension Grafts Always Required to Derotate a Nasal Tip?

I had septorhinoplasty 5 years ago and my tip is slightly overrotated and have nasal valve collapse. One of the revision specilists I have seen said... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get a Revision with a Short Nose? (photo)

I had my primary closed rhinoplasty May 22, 2012. I request dorsal hump removal & was talked into having minor tip refinement because my P.S. said... READ MORE

Will I End Up With Cephalic Rotation from Healing?

Hi, I had open revision rhinoplasty 7 months ago. Polly beak removed, shield graft put in. The supratip area is still swollen and I can feel the skin... READ MORE

Wanting to Reverse Rhinoplasty or Get an Improved Version of Old Nose? (photo)

I would like to reverse my rhinoplasty by derotating (lenghthening my nose) and building up the bridge rib graft have it be as slim as it was before... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty

I had an awful experience with my primary rhinoplasty. I was told the reason my nose looked crooked was that my nose was shortened in bone area to the... READ MORE

Deprojection and Rotation in Revision Rhinoplasty, What are the Potential Risks?

Is it risky to attempt a subtle deprojection or rotation at my next surgery. when I attempt to slightly rotate my tip by deemphasizing my tip lobule... READ MORE

Short, over rotated, upturned tip. How long should I wait for a secondary rhinoplasty? What is my best option? (Photo)

Hello, Last June 10 I went to TJ Mexico For a rhinoplasty, I wanted to raise a little tip and remove a bit of volume on the sides. the tip was a... READ MORE

Rotation From Skin Contraction?

My surgery was nearly 7 months ago. Shield graft and pollybeak excision were done. My complaint right now is a fullness in the supratip and a... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty, could it be swelling?

Hello I recently had revision rhinoplasty. I'm 6 weeks post-op and I'm obsessing over the area in between my 2 nostrils, it seems to be hanging down... READ MORE

Had my Nose Shortened Through Tip Rotation & Dislike the Look; How Can I Remedy This & Get the Length of my Nose Back?

I agreed to a tip elevation based on a profile picture presented 10 minutes before surgery. I know 7 wks is early to comment on results, but I feel... READ MORE

6 months post op, how do I request a revision? (photos)

We discussed the my nose was overall to large for my face. I had a dorsal hump and under rotated tip. My surgeon did not seem to reduce the projection... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have nasal vault collapse or not, or just swelling and pressure?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that pulled my nose down hard to the left & started feeling pressure 8 months afterward in upper lateral wall. One... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapsed caused by derotation/nose pulling down after rhinoplasty. Will counterrotation be enough to help?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that was just revised & left breathing issues unaddressed. One of these is a nasal valve collapse on the left side,... READ MORE

Follow-up: bulbous twisted nasal tip after surgery

No bones are twisted by my nasal tip/dorsum was deviated around an winged strut implant and ear cartilage due to injury. A surgeon simply removed the... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty; reconstructing my old tip rotation. Is it a complex surgery?

I had rhinoplasty a year ago to remove a hump, seen mostly on profile view. Due to the hump removal, my tip turned upward a bit since the skin shrunk... READ MORE

Does a nose have to re-rotated/rotated again in revision to achieve symmetry?

18 mths ago,I had a rhinoplasty/tip rotation that healed very badly.Sides healed differently--the right was "good" while the left "dropped" &... READ MORE

Should I have requested a nose be re-rotated to keep the shortening effect when switching out an implant for natural cartilage?

I recently had a nose that had been rotated 1-3mm & projected with a synthetic implant switched for a septal graft. After the rhino using the imp The... READ MORE

Is there any NYC revision surgeon skilled in multiple rhinoplasties & safe handling of medpor removal?

1 year post op, thick skin,Medpor tip top graft placed in septum to rotate/refine tip. Nose healed well till week 6;experienced injury that... READ MORE

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