Reduction + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hanging Columella Reduction Under Local Anesthesia

In a rhinoplasty 5 years ago my nasal bones were narrowed and tip rotated up. When I smile my nose looks pinched with an excessively wide alar base,... READ MORE

Nose Grew Back. Can I Have a Second Rhinoplasty Reduction?

Hi there. I had a rhinoplasty reduction 3 yrs ago. Now the nose has fully grown back the nose is still to big with the tip overprojected. Isit... READ MORE

Will a Columellar Tuck Help De-project Nose Tip?

Overall, I am happy with the rhinoplasty I had over a year ago. I had a very wide and high bridge that was narrowed and lowered, and my large round... READ MORE

Will a Repeat Nasal Sill Reduction Impair my Breathing?

I had a nasal sill excision in my primary rhinoplasty in 2009 and my nasal base is still too wide. I am going in to see my surgeon to excise more... READ MORE

Closed Nasal Reduction 4 Weeks Ago, And A Bump Is Forming Where I Fractured My Nose. Is It Permanent?

Hi I have had septorhinoplasty 10 years ago and broke my nose again this past month. I went to plastic surgeon to see if I can skip closed reduction... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision 4 Years Post Op For Nose Tip Reduction and Nostril Reduction? (photo)

I am interested in secondary rhinoplasty. I had my primary rhinoplasty nearly 4 years ago and although they straightened the bridge they didn't do... READ MORE

Tip Longer Than the Bridge?

If after having a rhinoplasty to reduce the lenght of the nose the tip looks much more projected than the dorsum (or longer then the dorsum) what... READ MORE

How much would a bridge reduction cost if the desired effect and previous nose were similar to the attached photo? (photo)

A range of prices would be very helpful--like rural areas, suburban, and etc. etc. Thanks! And the picture is helpful, because her nose was very much... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Alar Base reduction? (Photo)

I had my primary surgery 1.1 years ago. I'm thinking that i potentially need alar base reduction under local. I'm not sure if i need to do anything to... READ MORE

Tightness in Forehead After Reduction Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a reduction rhinoplasty 16 months ago. 50% of my nose was removed in my opinion (more than I expected). The "feeling" of this has left me... READ MORE

I Had Open Tip Revision?

The doctor over reduced my tip and columella cartilage and made my nose like micheal jackson , i couldnt take my breath , so tried to open my nose and... READ MORE

Skin irregularity after revision. Was too much removed? (Photo)

I posted this question a few days ago but it was suggested by one doctor that I include additional photos. I had a revision where the right side of... READ MORE

I'm not satisfied with the closed reduction after nasal fracture. Can I ask the doctor to do a revision before it heals?

Can I ask the doctor to repeat the reduction that was done to nose as the patient wasn't satisfied with the result ?If I felt the closed reduction... READ MORE

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