Nostril Reduction + Revision Rhinoplasty

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How Did my Nostrils Become So Big? I've Had 2 Surgeries.

My nostrils were so small I could not fit my pinky in my nose now that is all you see is these extremely large nostrils. What happened? How can I get... READ MORE

Nose Short & Wide with Nostrils Showing, Can Tip Be Dropped or Septum Lengthened? (photo)

3 months ago i had a closed Rhinoplasty. It looks like he raised the radix, blunted the tip & did Osteotomies. He said he also lifted the tip as... READ MORE

What is the Name of This Rhinoplasty Nostril Technique?

When or if I choose to go in for a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty, I would like to know the name of the rhinoplasty technique where the the... READ MORE

Can Nostrils Be Relengthened or Widened After Reduction?

I had a revision rhinoplasty in which my nostrils were reduced, and now they appear far too small for my tip (from frontal view they are barely... READ MORE

What Treatment Could Best Fix Or Improve My Nose/ Nostrils? (photo)

Hello, If my nose could be fixed? Top picture shows my nose now, bottom picture shows my idea how it should look. (its just an idea) Is it possible to... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Reduce Width of Nostrils and Further Define Tip? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 1 yr ago to remove a bump, reduce the width of my nose, and define the tip. I am still not satisfied with the width of my nostrils... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision 4 Years Post Op For Nose Tip Reduction and Nostril Reduction? (photo)

I am interested in secondary rhinoplasty. I had my primary rhinoplasty nearly 4 years ago and although they straightened the bridge they didn't do... READ MORE

Fat Nose, 2nd Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Good day! I've been very worried, since I already had a second rinoplasty to change my nose, I told the surgeon I wanted small nostrills, but I don't... READ MORE

Desire: Smaller Tip, Overall Nostril Reduction, Attractive Collumellar/nasolabial Angle and Fusion, Shorter Nose? (photo)

I have inherited mothers high Scandinavian profile (and large nostrils) and fathers African nose. Surgery 20 yeras ago involved thinning bridge, and... READ MORE

Should a Nostril Reduction Be Performed Before or After a Rhinoplasty to Insure Correct Proportions?

I had a Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and unfortunately got an unwanted lifted tip with now exposed and wide nostrils. My original surgeon has agreed to... READ MORE

​Any doctors recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty for hanging columella, inverted-v deformity, & nostril reduction?

I have been researching several NYC Revision 'specialists.' Is there anyone that you would suggest for a hanging columella, inverted-v deformity and... READ MORE

2days Ago at Least One Suture Came Out. Today 1 on the Inside Came Out. Should I Contact my Doctor ASAP?

The nostril revision was done in office 4 days ago to make nostrils smaller. A suture on the left outside crease( by the cheek) came out by I don't... READ MORE

Are the changes I believe are necessary for my Revision Rhinoplasty, aesthetically "right"? (photo)

I would like to know what you surgeons think; if my thoughts, and ideas to correct my nose in a revision rhinoplasty are good, and then, only... READ MORE

What is the healing time for alar base reduction?

I hAd my revision rhinoplasty 3months ago where my tip was refined. With this being a revision I've had a lot swelling. dr says that when I go in 3... READ MORE

Cost of revision rhinoplasty with same doctor? No major flaws, just unsatisfied.

It's been a year since my rhinoplasty and I would like a revision. There are no major flaws to my nose- I'm just not happy with my results. While I... READ MORE

Looking into nostril reduction surgery? My primary rhino was in 2009. (photo)

I am pretty satisfied with it, although I really wish I would have gotten my nostrils made smaller. The only thing that concerns me is that although... READ MORE

Nose short and round needs revision rhinoplasty?

Maybe some doctors can help? Nose before surgery triagle looks.long tip go up wide nostrills.after rhynoplasty nose short and very round.maybe posible... READ MORE

What do I need to get a perfect nose? For my second rhinoplasty (photos)

I got my rhino-septoplasty on 2011(june) bc of my deviated septum and trouble breathing; after years now Ive really decided that Im not as pleased w... READ MORE

Is this result possible with rhinoplasty revision, chin and cheek implants? (photos)

I had one rhinoplasty in November because I wanted a more masculine apperance. But that did not turn out well. I have tried to illustrate what a... READ MORE

My nose is too wide, and mouth too small. Would a nostril reduction help? (Photo)

I know that there isn't a surgery to make one's mouth wider (at least not for cosmetic reasons.) So I was wondering if a nostril reduction would be... READ MORE

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