Natural Looking + Revision Rhinoplasty

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What Exactly Would my Revision Rhino Require? Is It Straightforward? What Are the Costs?

Wanted refinement of wide tip & slight narrowing. Changes were slight enough that many people havnt noticed (which i wanted) but I was more... READ MORE

What Kinds of Grafts Could Fix This? Revision Rhinoplasty (photo)

Hello, I had a third rhinoplasty last October. It looks too narrow and my nose used to look much fuller and natural. What are the possibilities of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Natural Curve with Rhinoplasty Revision? (photo)

I want to do a revision because my nose looks ''done'' and ''fake'' after my primary. I want some natural curve and height on the bridge and a slight... READ MORE

Will a Revision Rhinoplasty Return me to my Natural Look? Do I Need an Upper Lip Lift or to Have Lip Fillers Removed? (Photos)

I had two rhinoplasty,I do not like the fake pointy look and the hanging columella who became after my nose surgery, plus I had lip fillers... READ MORE

Can the nose be made rounder?

I had a rhinoplasty done and my nose is basically a column with 2 nostrils. Is there a way to make one piece again like a natural nose? READ MORE

Can I get my dorsal hump shaved only a small bit? (photo)

I have quite a large dorsal hump. im wondering if i can get it shaved but only a little bit so i can keep the natural look. i dont wnt to have a nose... READ MORE

Revesion Rhinoplasty is it worth it ? (photos)

Hi, Firstly I would like to say that everyon's answer here has really helped to identify what is really wrong with my nose.I have very thin skin that... READ MORE

How to choose the right revision rhinoplasty doctor? (Photo)

I am currently interviewing doctors for a revision rhinoplasty and I am VERY concerned that I will not get the results I hope for. One of my biggest... READ MORE

What are the best recommended solutions to get my symmetrical and natural looking nose back? (Photo)

I got my primary rhinoplasty 2yrs ago as I found it little be crooked. The surgeon had broken the bones on both sides of my bridge which now it looks... READ MORE

I had a silicone nose job 5 years ago, but I later got my doctor to remove it. Can I have the cartilage replaced with Gore-Tex?

I had a nose silicone 5years ago 2012 I went to my doctor to remove the silicone and he suggest to put cartilage it was big different when he did the... READ MORE

How much would a revision rhinoplasty cost? (Photo)

Hi, I have had rhinoplasty more than 10 years ago. The doctor used old techniques, I think he removed a lot of cartilage. The nose has harsh edges and... READ MORE

How many times nose jobs can you have??

1nose job at 24yo. At 26yo my doctor made a revision. The result was natural, but the nostrils weren't symetric. I had a little accident and I small... READ MORE

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