Masculine + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Post-op, I'm so depressed. My nose looks weird and masculine. Can I get my nose back after removing my cartilage graft? (Photo)

Hi, its my 9 mnths post rhinoplasty. I had a bit wider nose & opted for rhinoplasty to get a nose like Adriana Lima or Kate Becknisale- not too narrow... READ MORE

Unhappy with Rhinoplasty. Should I Remove my Implant? (photo)

I had my first closed rhinoplasty done on March 2nd 2012. I did it because I didn't like my bulbous tip. I wasn't happy with the results. 2... READ MORE

Streamlined Masculine Nose Possible?

I had a rhinoplasty when I was 16. I'm 24 now. I've honestly always hated it. I had a large nose before but still very much dislike it now. I... READ MORE

31 year old female. Had revision rhinoplasty 10 days ago. Results are awful. What can I expect from my doctor? (Photo)

From the first moment, i could see something was wrong. I am further along in healing and see an extremely bad asymmetry between the nostrils and a... READ MORE

Bridge seems toO high making me look like a lion and too masculine. Will this change as I heal? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty four weeks ago and the surgeon used a cartilage graft (from my ear) to make nose straighter. I realize there is swelling... READ MORE

Augmentation Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I would like to know how much grafted cartilage would be required to achieve the following result? (2nd photo of my nose photoshop'd) I have had a... READ MORE

Can extensive rib cartilage be removed from the nose 1 year post op? What are my options? Though crooked, I had a small nose.

The surgeon was able to straighten the nose using cartilage from my rib. Unfortunately, I have ended up with a large and bulky nose. I can feel the... READ MORE

Can you tell me if further improvements can be made on my nose? (photo)

I had a nose job on the NHS as it was making me feel very unattractive, they slimmed down the sides, and the tip, leaving an angular tip either side,... READ MORE

Finding a Rhinoplasty Revision specialist in England, United Kingdom. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 procedures, 2 of them being revisions. Nose is bent to the left, terrible breathing through my right nostril. I hate the appearance of my nose, tip... READ MORE

Is this result possible with rhinoplasty revision, chin and cheek implants? (photos)

I had one rhinoplasty in November because I wanted a more masculine apperance. But that did not turn out well. I have tried to illustrate what a... READ MORE

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