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How Many Revisions Can One Safely Get for a Nose Job?

I have had 3 nose jobs and my nose is still very long. Is it unsafe to try and have a 4th revision? What makes it look really long is the hollowed out... READ MORE

Safe to Have Another Surgery to Repair Columella and Get Nasal Arch Back?

I have just undergone a revision rhinoplasty about 3months now due to upturned nose & hanging columella. cartillages were taken from my ear to... READ MORE

Should I Consider Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a combination rhinoplasty / chin implant procedure about five years ago. However, it seems to me that my tip is over projected, and my nose... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait for Revision Tip Plasty?

Hey. I had tip plasty performed nearly a month ago. It was to raise the tip of my nose slightly because it was too long for me face and dipped a lot... READ MORE

Can Revision Rhinoplasty Fix a Long, Drooping Nose?

I am 22, and it has been 2 years since I underwent rhinoplasty to correct the bump on my nose. I was very pleased with the results at the time but I... READ MORE

Two Revisions and No Improvement, Should I Settle? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in '06 to correct a tiny line in the tip of my nose. I had a small but nice nose after but there was a slight 'scooped out' look... READ MORE

Is It Posible to Have Long Nose but Shows Too Much Nostrils?

Do i need to lengthen my nose?but im affraid will make it appear too long, as  i see my nose is already long, but nostrils show too much. ... READ MORE

Would I qualify for revision rhinoplasty? Cartilage deformity at the tip? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty three years ago when I was 19. I feel that my nose has changed significantly since. The cartilage at the tip is very prominent and... READ MORE

Dissatisfied with Previous Rhinoplasty revision, and Other Procedures Needed? (photo)

I underwent a rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure about 5 years ago, and now believe that my nose was left too long. Additionally I believe that... READ MORE

Would revision rhinoplasty add a little to the side of my nose so it would blend in my face?

I used to Box for about 11 years and I had broke my nose a few times. I had very thick nasal side walls and I decided to get them fixed with... READ MORE

Is there any way that a retired doctor could do a revision rhinoplasty?

Dr. Jack Gunter is highly recommended by a lot of doctors but he is retired. He is the only plastic surgeon I see with dramatic revision rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Lengthening the columella in revision rhinoplasty - is it possible?

Myself and a few others I know underwent disastrous rhinoplasty by a very poor surgeon. He cut our columellas off! Well, a proportion of them to... READ MORE

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