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Options for Fixing the Nose Tip That is Too Round?

Around 5 and a half years ago, I had Rhinoplasty to address my nose tip that was too round. All went well, and after two years, I had a revision to... READ MORE

Kenalog for Scar Tissue After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had my second Revision Rhinoplasty 11 months ago. My third surgeon used a silicone graft to recreate my tip. I loved the way my nose looked 6 months... READ MORE

Revision for Removing Scar Tissue at Tip - Does It Work?

I had my procedure over a year ago and the scar tissue never softened. My doctor gave me 4-5 kenelog shots, which didn't seem to do anything. He is... READ MORE

Nose Looks Too Narrow After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. Although the tightness of the cast has resolved my nose still looks narrow making my face look washed out.... READ MORE

Round Tip Post Rev Rhinoplasty - Improvements Possible? (photo)

I am two months out from revision rhinoplasty and fear I am stuck with a nose which will never be satisfactory. My tip has always been large and... READ MORE

Should I Get Another Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am a 21 year old female. I had my primary rhinoplasty three years ago and then a revision two years ago. Although my dorsal hump was removed,I am... READ MORE

Do You Always Need Multiple Kenalog Injections?

Hello, I had an open revision rhinoplasty 17 months ago. I was experiencing intermittent swelling. 4 wks ago, my surgeon injected kenalog into my nose... READ MORE

Kenalog Ointment After Rhinoplasty Ok For Nose? Prescribed For Dry Lips.

I have some ointment which contains kenalog which was given to me by a doctor to treat dry lips. Can I apply this ointment to my nose to improve... READ MORE

I Am 8 Months Post Revision Tiplasty and my Doc Injected Kenalog in my Tip. What Does It Mean when the Tip Softens Up?

My doc injected kenalog into my tip about a month ago as I had dense scar tissue. I am 8 months post op and although my tip is still swollen, (big) it... READ MORE

I Know Kenalog Speeds Up Recovery, but if It's Not Received, Can It Prevent Full Results?

Had 3rd rhinoplasty a month ago, and it looked fantastic after cast came off. It swelled up severely the second day after cast removal and has been... READ MORE

Swollen and Upturned Nose After Kenalog Injections?

I had a secondary rhinoplasty 7 months ago.The swelling was almost gone but I still had occasional swelling in the morning.Three days ago my doc... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Other Than the One That Performed Surgery Administer Kenalog Injections 3-4 Wks After Rhino?

How Long Till They kick in, & how long do they last? I got an open rhinoplasty/medpor implant that looks awful 2 weeks ago & hate how I look,... READ MORE

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