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High Fees for Consultation (Revision Rhinoplasty)?

I called 6 NYC area surgeons specializing in Revision Rhinoplasty. All have consultation fees ranging from $100 - $350. The grand total for all:... READ MORE

When is It too Early to Seek Consultations on Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am only a few weeks out of a open rhinoplasty. My result is everything I ask my surgeon not to do! At this point I no longer trust him to be... READ MORE

Do You Usually Charge a Consultation Fee for a Revision of YOUR OWN Work?

I have an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty result (my surgeon agrees) and am being charged consultation fees for a revision from my surgeon (Approx $150... READ MORE

Need Revision Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

What questions should I be asking the surgeon to feel that the doctor truly has expertise in revision rhinoplasty? I don't want to offend the doctor... READ MORE

I need help deciding if I should get my revision rhinoplasty with this Dr. Is the low price a caution sign? (photo)

After many consultations I am left with one Dr. My only concern is that he is only charging 6500 total (including anesthesia, etc.). I feel that this... READ MORE

When planning for revision rhinoplasty, how do you assess the damage done from previous rhinoplasty?

My understanding is its not possible to know accurately without opening the nose, is this correct ? READ MORE

How Do You Get From the Photo Simulation to the Final Result?

I have heard that many surgeons don't take the photo simulation of the desired result to the operations room. Is that true? How you can one ever be... READ MORE

In a Pre-operative Examination, Can You Tell How Much a Patient's Nasal Cartilage Has Been Altered in Their Previous Surgery?

Can you tell how much of their natural cartilage is left without having to open up the nose? Do you look at noses under a microscope or other special... READ MORE

How do I know if he’s the right revision rhinoplasty surgeon? And how many consultations is enough to make a decision?

I live in NJ & looking for someone who does ONLY facial plastic surgery & specializes in revision rhinoplasty. I have gone to see 2 people so far &... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty can I go for a revision consult?

I had my rhinoplasty two months ago. While the surgeon says that it will eventually improve in appearance, I have not seen improvement with the dents... READ MORE

How to address your doctor for a revision rhino?

How to address to your rhinoplasty surgeon you would like a revision? So far I haven't been happy with my rhinoplasty as it was just too natural and... READ MORE

What Does a Revision Rhinoplasty Plan Done by a Surgon Must Include?

Does just writing down the changes you agreed on is enough? Any check ups the patient should do? Thanks READ MORE

Tips for my Last Consult Please Help Me This is my Last Chance?

I've been member longer than a year now and Finally my Revision is nearing but I am terrified. I chose one of the best and experienced doctors in... READ MORE

What is the single most important question to ask a surgeon about Revision Rhinoplasty when I go in for my consultation?

There is so much info out there, not sure how to weed out the unimportant information and make an informed decision. I plan on getting 3... READ MORE

Los Angeles revision rhinoplasty expert doctors for consultation

Please list some of the doctors in my area most skilled, including removal of tip, alar rim and spreader septal grafts. Although distance is not an... READ MORE

At around 3 months PO now, how many months is it an acceptable and appropriate time to go to revision consultations?

I understand the healing process takes time, but there are quite a few issues from my primary that I would like to fix and know for sure either way... READ MORE

Is a revision septorhinoplasty worth it? Who do should I consult first; an ENT or plastic/cosmetic surgeon (maybe a lawyer hah?)

Would an ENT be able to maybe give some width back in all aspects of the nose and do you think insurance would cover another septorhinoplasty? I hear... READ MORE

How important is it to find a revision rhinoplasty expert near where I live? (photo)

I have had a consult with a Dr. in DC (which was great) and having one in NJ with Dr. Eric Joseph in October. Both have great photos, testimonials,... READ MORE

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