Big Nose + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Nose Grew Back. Can I Have a Second Rhinoplasty Reduction?

Hi there. I had a rhinoplasty reduction 3 yrs ago. Now the nose has fully grown back the nose is still to big with the tip overprojected. Isit... READ MORE

Revision Augmentation Rhinoploasty Problems

Had a revision with rib graft in bridge and columella 5 months ago. Nose is very hard and looks almost triangle shape. It looks big and high for my... READ MORE

Pain, Pressure, and Bigger Nose After Revision Rhino-Septoplasty

I had revision Rhino-Septoplasty 4 months ago. Eight weeks into recovery, I had a small knock to my nose and I was in intense pain, and there was a... READ MORE

Removing Medpor Nasal Implant After 4 Months of Surgery? Horriblenose Job My Dr, Wants Me to Pay Again!!!

HHello Drs, I'm 34 years old women who recently had done a rhynoplasty ( medpor drum implant)On April 12, but it makes my nose horrible big and I... READ MORE

Is a Revision Rhinoplasty Worth It? (photo)

I just had a rhinoplasty a month ago. Too early to judge I know, but my nose is still very big from the profile, and I do not see that changing since... READ MORE

Is my Nose Really the Most Difficult, Impossible Nose to Reduce and Reshape? Can Anybody Please Help? (photo)

I've had 3 rhinoplasties by two surgeons (closed, open) and still have a huge, badly-shaped nose. I have thick skin which is limiting, but both of my... READ MORE

Fat Nose, 2nd Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Good day! I've been very worried, since I already had a second rinoplasty to change my nose, I told the surgeon I wanted small nostrills, but I don't... READ MORE

What do you recommend to get better results regarding bulbous, round nose after second Revision Rhinoplasty?

Was told my tip was "collapsing" & put rib cart. in. This caused tip to be round & big. Steroids were done & didn't work. Another Dr. said too much... READ MORE

Nose very big due to prolonged swelling/scar tissue after 2nd rhinoplasty; is it pointless to hope for a better outcome safely?

Thick, oily skin. In 2nd rhino, surgeon debulked nose,elevated tip,removed old scar tissue, & augmented tip w/small Porex implant. Saw final "result"... READ MORE

How can I have a my nose proportional and balances out well with the rest of my face? What could be done to achieve this?(photo)

Unfortunately, despite undergone having two rhinoplasties, I remain with a large, over-projected nose that appears longer at certain angles. I've... READ MORE

6 months post op, how do I request a revision? (photos)

We discussed the my nose was overall to large for my face. I had a dorsal hump and under rotated tip. My surgeon did not seem to reduce the projection... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post op and wondered if this is still swelling or a good indication of final result? (photo)

This is a revision and still not feeling happy. I am concerned as seemed less swollen initially. My nose looks as big if not bigger than before and am... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty: How can I Prevent Scar Tissue From Forming?

Hello, this upcoming procedure is going to be my second. Of course, I was not happy with the turn out of the first operation because my nose seems to... READ MORE

My tip is still swollen and big after Rhinoplasty a year and a half later. Is this normal? (photos)

I have had revision rhinoplasty (3 times!) as the first surgeon absoloutly ruined my nose.the tip was corrected and lifted but still feels thick hard... READ MORE

If I choose Autologous Rib cartilage revision can be done as soon as now. (photos)

My surgeon doesnt reply my msg anymore so I gotta ask here. My 1st Rhino was in 2012.Open Approach Nose Bridge+Tip Revision on May 16th,then the rib... READ MORE

I want a big nose with wide nostrils?

I want to remove my old nose and have a big nose with wide nostrils far away from septum and enters sufficient air can i have this operation ? and how... READ MORE

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