9 Months Post-op + Revision Rhinoplasty

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Can Ear Cartilage Graft Be Removed from Nose Under Local Anesthesia?

Hello, I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafts .Can the cartilage graft be removed under local anesthesia or do I need a complete... READ MORE

Is my Body Rejecting the Silicone in my Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty last October and two months later I acquired this blob inside the left nostril. The doctor said it would go away. Nine... READ MORE

Swelling at Supratip 9 Months Post-Third Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had my third rhinoplasty about nine months ago to remove fatty tissue on the right side supratip region and push the right bone in towards the... READ MORE

Can I Have Revision Rhinoplasty After 9 Months?

The Chief of the Nose Group of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine which is the biggest medical school in South America is telling... READ MORE

9 Months Post-op from 2nd Revision Rhinoplasty - Now What??

I'm 9 mo post-op from a 2nd rev rhinoplasty, and I'm unfortunately still very unhappy with the results. This was my 3rd surgery in a 12-year... READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Remove Silicone from Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and silicone was used it seems I might have an infection. I have a blob full of puss on the left side of my nostril and... READ MORE

9 Months Post Op And Nose Doesn't Look Any Better, What To Do?

I had a revision back in 11-28-2010. It consisted of nasal implant removal, alar base reduction, and the addition of ear cartilage to the tip and... READ MORE

9 Months Post Op (Rhinoplasty) and Very Unhappy-How Should I Talk About This with my Surgeon? (photo)

Hi! I got a rhinoplasty last August to bring in the tip&sides, but my nose still looks big! Especially, in pictures. I want a revision, but it... READ MORE

Nose was Broken 9 Months After a Septoplasty, Can it be Repaired?

I had broken my nose a few years ago and had a deviated septum which caused difficulty in breathing. I had a septoplasty 9 months ago which was very... READ MORE

Swelling on Side of Nose Goes Down After Taping, but Reappears After a Day or Two?

9 months post-op with my first revision rhinoplasty, had 2 steroid injections to reduce swelling, but recently on the left side of the lower part of... READ MORE

Had A Revision Rhino 1 Month Ago and Nostril and Tip Look Very Swollen?

Hi im 17 years old and i had a nose job over 9 months ago. For the most part my nose swelling went down after 6 months. It didn't swell that much... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty 9 Months Ago, Nose Crooked? (photo)

I've had revision rhinoplasty 9 months ago and find that it is crooked. It is most apparent when I smile and in bright lighting. In the pictures I've... READ MORE

Second Rhino/Septo in Nine Months?

Hey Guys, So I had rhino/septo performed last February (about nine months ago) by a ent surgeon. I'm scheduled to have another rhino/septo performed... READ MORE

Can a revision rhinoplasty can fix my problems? (photo)

Dears, I write you to have your point of view on my Rhinoplasty. I had it 9 months ago and I am not really happy with it. I find the nose too large,... READ MORE

Bump on right side of nose near the bridge, after open Rhinoplasty. (photo)

Hello, I got revision open rhinoplasty 9 months ago and I noticed that the right side of my bridge has a bump on it. I could feel it, it is quite hard... READ MORE

Follow up: injured nose 9 months ago & can now clearly see I shifted my Medpor implant. When should I get a revision?

9 mts ago I severely injured my nose & now know for certain I did not break my medpor implant, but shifted it,along w/ear cartilage holding in.11 mths... READ MORE

It is possible to achieve this in a tertiary revision? (photo)

Hello, wanted to know if it was possible then I had a second review 9 months ago and is no longer satisfied, I still have the inverted V and the high... READ MORE

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