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Zorona. Best Investment I've Done Yet! - The Woodlands, TX

I am 51 years old. Within the last 8 months I have...

I am 51 years old. Within the last 8 months I have gained more than 40 lbs. I went from a size 7 to a 14. I am only 5'3". I have no glue why this happened. Feeling desperate I started looking for some help & read about my provider thru my local news letter. They were having a 'open house' celebrating 10 years. Perfect timing to check them out without feeling overwhelmed & pressured to sign up.

I followed the protocol & instructions and within the 2nd week I noticed my pants were fitting looser! At the end of my sessions I am now back to a size 7/8 and feeling wonderful! I cannot express how great it is to feel back in control of my body and I do not regret one penny spent.....I am worth-it! :-) All the best to those who are seeking the help they need.

Okay to ask to see my progress pictures from my...

Okay to ask to see my progress pictures from my provider.

My Zerona results were amazing!

My Zerona results were amazing!

Trikkegirl, You are scaring me with the menopause weight gaining! I am 47 and have put on at least 2 pounds a year since 40. I am battling weight every year and now am worried about 50+. You looked killer in your 2004/2008 photos! YOU GO! I know how you feel. I bit the bullet and did smart lipo on my love handles a couple of years ago. It cost me about the same as your Zerona pkg. I'm still not the size 2 I was in my 30's, but holding at a 4 thanks to the smart Lipo I had done with Dr. Hoffman in san Jose, Calif. Good luck to you! Eat Lean, exercise, the rest we LIPO!!
Sandy, this is what I learned: be *prepared* as much as possible for the changes menopause will bring, and don't let go of all the healthy habits you practice now. Every woman gains weight, but it is possible to gain 15 instead of 30 and still feel like a winner. And at the end of the day, keeping the negative consequences to a minimum is a plus.

You will still be you after the Change. Just not as small.
Hello Trikkegirl,
If you are asking about Body Benefits in The Woodlands, Texas, it is a Spa that offers massage/wraps/facials/body contouring/tanning. All of which I have received and completely satisfied with.
Bio-Identical Hormones is not something they offer as of yet to my knowledge. But, I'm sure there may be services I don't know about.
I think from your pictures you look fantastic. Don't be so hard on yourself, life is too short!
All the best to you!
Sherry Summers-Ball (owner)

Very Private Spa Setting with Easy Access, Very Professional Compassionate Knowledgeable Staff. Body Benefits was the first to offer Endermologie & Zerona in The Woodlands area.

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