Zoom - Do It Only for VERY Yellow Teeth

I had the Zoom whitening done last summer (2007)....

I had the Zoom whitening done last summer (2007). the procedure took a long time, it was very uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Afterwards my gums hurt for about a week and my teeth become very sensitive even to air. I guess my teeth weren't "too bad" before so the results (to me) were dissatisfying... maybe my hopes for that "Wow your teeth are so white" look was just unrealistic. The did get somewhat whiter but definitely not as white as i was hoping for.
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DON'T ZOOM !! The day after my lip was burned and swollen.Two months after my treatment I still have sensitivity and tingling and occasionally a metallic taste in my mouth.The results were a worse color than before the treatment and the treatment itself was hot and uncomfortable.These machines are dangerous and may be operated by "trained" people not dentists or dental hygenists.Try bleaching and use a sonicare toothbrush with a whitening toothpaste.My results with these was far better with no side affects.

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