Got Zoomed in Mexico

Was on the Yucatan to see some property. One of...

Was on the Yucatan to see some property. One of the American workers had her teeth repaired and whitened. I needed the same. Her dentist first drilled out and re-filled a molar. The next day he whitened with Zoom 2. I had some cutting edge sensitivity for the day. On day 3 he repaired chips to my two front teeth.

Total cost $522: filling=$96, whitening=$268, chip repairs=$160.

Whitening improved me by over 8 shades -- looks GREAT! I will get my implant done down here one day.

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Fast, conscientious, competent, inexpensive.

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I'm guessing the chip repair was done with dental bonding. Click here if you would like to see more information on   chip repair with dental bonding.

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I believe so. I had my teeth cleaned in the US and immed. I could see the division between bond line and enamel. It is rather stark and I am really upset. I am heading to Thailand and hope to have this corrected there.
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Sorry to hear about the disappointment.

There was a blog post recently that discussed medical tourism. Thought it might be an interesting read for you. You can click here if you want to see it.

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