Zoom Whitening Was a Major Pain

I bought invisalign for straightening my teeth and...

I bought invisalign for straightening my teeth and part of the offer was free zoom whitening.

Considering how much invisilign costs, it was nice to have the offer, but is it worth $450? No, I have used trays for yrs and my teeth had just been cleaned.

I was fine for the first three 15 minute sessions. Pain was never discussed but tooth sensitivity was. I have sensitive teeth anyways but nothing prepared me for the agony I am sitting here with now. I just got back from the whitening about an hour ago and I am in bed wishing I had never done it.

I called and told them the so called sensitivity was way worse than I could have ever imagined. They said they had tooth sensitivity gel but they put that on me before I left and it didnt work. I guess the description of severe pain meant nothing to them. No one had prepared me for the pain.

It is like zaps of electricity that intermittently run down the teeth. If I open my mouth to breathe, the air sets it off more. It started during treatment number four and it felt like I bit into battery acid coated in aluminum foil. I thought maybe something was going wrong with the procedure. I became worried. It happened more and more as the 15 minutes in the last quarter wound up and I was not prepared for the terrible pain that ensued on my way home.

I am sitting here wondering how this is humane to have your patients suffer like this and not prepare them to the degree of pain they will endure. This is to last up to 24 hours? How the hell am I going to make it through my day much less my weekend? How can something that causes pain like this be good for a person?

Stick with the whitening strips. They all oohed and ahhed in the office but I see no major difference. I am wondering why I am sitting here in severe pain like this. Never, ever again!


The 'oohing' and 'ahhing' are typical receptionist reactions. It's like they're told by the dentist to overreact about how 'white' they look even though the average person can tell there isn't much of a difference. I feel your pain. Literally. I had it done at 10:00 and I've been feeling it ever since.
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Dear zippy zoo, I feel for you. But i have to tell you , I loved reading your review and comments. it's 11:37 PM and you had me rolling with your comments. You really say tell it like it is. You rock. I loved it . Thank you very much by the way, as i now know i am glad i never used zoom or anything like it and will never do it now that i have read the comments from users like yourself. Hope you're rid of your pain and thank you again for a review well written !!!!!!! You made my night . :D j
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Zoom is bad, bad, bad.
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not after my pain was dismissed.

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