Ouch! - $99 treatment special and paid extra $50 for take home trays and 1 tube.

$99 treatment special and paid extra $50 for take...

$99 treatment special and paid extra $50 for take home trays and 1 tube.

first and second 15 minute stages went smooth.....although be prepared to have all this stuff in your mouth for an hour.

my 3rd 15 min stage was no light and stronger whitener. I began to get zings right away. Probably 5-10 in that last session.

The 4 stage for me was 5 minutes of flouride paste to help sooth the paint they say.

they were very professional and seemed to do a good job at the process.....however.

I was looking for something that was better than the strong crest whitestrips....lasted longer and whiter. results; pain! teeth look about as white as with crest strips.

can not recommend due to zingers/pain. have taken meds and that does not help these nerve zaps I continue to get hours after the process.

Unless you are someone who not taken any care of your teeth and they are extremely dark colored, the pain is not worth it.

I believe they didn't tell the whole truth. there is no option for not using the light with Zoom, and there is no stronger Gel for Zoom. Maybe they were using something different.
correct...no light on 3rd stage. they said they were just applying more intense gel and that was the plan all along. anyway...here i am a day later and describe my mouth as sore. zingers are pretty much gone....but very sensitive to temp. still would recommend the best crest strips before zoom.

Glad to hear the zingers have settled down. Hopefully you will be without sensitivity in a day or two.

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