ZOOM WOW!!!!!!!!!!!11

I had read horror stories, but two weeks before...

I had read horror stories, but two weeks before the Zoom my dentist made me trays and I did a daily flouride treatment for 10 days prior. I had NO pain whatsoever and I DO have sensitive teeth. The technician and dentist were METICULOUS in the application and treatment and I had NO burning of tissue.

I have been given explicit instructions post treatment to avoid certain foods for three days and a booster whitener for the next two days.

I paid a LOT of money for it, but I got the best. When I read the prices and the stories I think some people are pushing this for cheap and not really expert at doing it.

Pennsylvania Cosmetic Dentist

Meticulous about all treatments. Worth every penny. And the fact that he and his staff are terrific people only makes it better.

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It has been 4 days since Zoom, and I have to change my review! My gums on top are black in one spot, and I swear some gum is missing, but I think it will heal just fine, so not too worried there. The color.....wow, just as fast as they became white, they went right back to being YELLOW, gross! They are better than before, but I will now be looking into something called "deep bleaching" which is hard to find, but apparently works on everybody, and every type of stain at a cost of $1500 and a 2 week treatment process, but I loved what I saw 2 days ago and I want it back, but for longer than 2 damn days. Overall, I paid $500 to have my teeth white for 2 days, and I'm kind of bummed at the whole thing.
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I just had Zoom Whitening done yesterday. My dentist actually does (4) 15 minutes sessions. I have to admit, there was no pain during the procedure. But the sensitivity started about 4 hours after. Now, 36 hours later, my teeth are still sensitive, but nothing like last night. Still, it is bearable. And my smile is very white. Oh, and I paid $500. Well worth it to those who do not want to fuss with strips and trays. I have found that you cannot whiten effectively between your teeth and near the gumline with strips.
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I agree with you. And I even found that the edges of teeth closest to the gums are still not totally white because of the material they put on there during the zoom treatment to protect the gums.
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Did your dentist tell you whether or not the at home trays will whiten more? I pick mine up next week when they are ready, and although I am VERY happy unlike many others, I am addicted to not having disgusting teeth, and would like them to get a bit whiter. I was just curious, but it doesn't really matter because I would do the procedure again in a second, and I would have paid $700 for the results.
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my dentist gave me a whitener bleach to use in my trays for 48 hours after my zoom tretment. I think it was called DayCare. He said to not eat staining foods for that time and continue to whiten at least twice each day for 48 hours for best results. He also said that clients pick up a whitening tube about every three months to keep them white. Hope that helps!
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