The Pain is No Biggy

Had Zoom office whitening last week with follow-up...

Had Zoom office whitening last week with follow-up tray whitening x3 days. Yes, I had the reported "zinging", especially with the follow-up tray experience (I noticed less pain when I used less gel the 2nd and 3rd times- I think it was making it's way up to my gums)and it was surprisingly sharp but NOTHING like a surgical post-op pain or labor! From reading the reviews I surmise that most of the folks haven't experienced much painful adversity in their short lives! Since the 3 day tray thing is over the pain hasn't returned (yes, my teeth throbbed all night but it was bearable).The degree of whitening is great but I DO have some areas of greater depth of bleaching, sadly, I think is from my mother's use of tetracyclene or possibly the crappy water we drank growing up in West Texas. Do it, don't be afraid abd stop being a baby!
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