Lots of Pain for Being Vain!

I wanted 'hollywood' white teeth after enduring...

I wanted 'hollywood' white teeth after enduring braces and my dentist office offered Zoom. I had not read anything prior to and really didn't know what to expect. The Dental Hygenist explained the procedure and that 'some' people have sharp "zings" afterwards. The procedure itself was no big deal...I just sat there in the chair while my teeth were under a tanning bed light. However, immediately after they removed the lip holder and plastic around my gums.........OUCH! One sharp pain after another...some lasting for longer than just a second. It totally felt like I was having labor contractions in my mouth!

Now I have trays that will help maintain the white but I'm afraid those will hurt, too. I've used other at-home whitening products and NEVER had pain like this. It really hurts. Lortab doesn't even take the pain away!

Unless you can take the pain, it's not worth the gain!!

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Just had Zoom done 3 hours ago. And just felt my first pang of pang. And have yet to see whiter teeth than what I had previously accomplished using an at-home whitening kit that consisted of gel and teeth molds. My whole purpose in purchasing Zoom was to improve on my at-home results, but I wish I had not wasted the money. Now I see why the hygenist did not share my "before" and "after" teeth shades with me even though she recorded them. Nor did she even hold up a mirror for me to see the results before she ushered me out. She my teeth would continue to whiten for 24-48 hours, but unless I see a really dramatic change, I am not impressed. And I am in pain. Choose a different whitening procedure, or live with the tooth shade you have. Wish I had.
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