Zoom Hurt and Didn't Work. Bleaching Trays More Effective.

I got this done for my wedding and ended up having...

I got this done for my wedding and ended up having to use the bleaching trays - which to the dentist's credit - he gave me for free because he was surprised Zoom didn't work. I had heard it was "permanent" so I thought it was worth the investment.

I had Zoom done about 3 years ago and to this day I have noticed my teeth are more sensitive then before the procedure. I think was a huge waste of money and I do not recommend it.

Not worth the investment but if you are desperate, give it a shot. I expierienced severe pain and minimal color change. All things considered, I wouldn't recommend but I must admit, my teeth do look slightly better. Oh well.
PAINFUL! SENSITIVITY! EXPENSIVE! At first i thought it was worth it because my teeth were white and bright, but it wore off quick and my teeth looked the same as they did before the zoom within just a couple of days... it was $500... i think bleaching trays do a better, less expensive job and last longer, in my opinion and experience.
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