Great Results, No Discomfort!

I spent approximately 5 hours in the chair...

I spent approximately 5 hours in the chair yesterday for zoom whitening on my bottom teeth and placement of ten lumineers on the top. My teeth look exceptional! I couldn't be more pleased. The zoom whitening was included in the cost of the veneers (I placed what I think is the normal price). During the whitening process there was some tingling when the assistant solidified the gum protection. This was due to the heat being applied. Other than that, no pain. The only pain now is sipping coffee through a straw for 48 hours or so. A little price to pay for a beautiful white smile. I love my teeth now. They went from good looking to GREAT looking! I guess some people are more sensitive than others....sorry to hear that people have suffered so much, for me, no pain or suffering.

I had one Zoom session on my teeth several years ago and actually passed out about 11 minutes into it. I am sensitive to sun, and may have had a reaction to the ultraviolet light. I was in agony with shooting pains for about three days on prescription pain meds. It eventually went away, but it was frightening. I would stay away if you are sensitive to sun.
I am having sharp shooting pains. My mouth is constantly watering and hurts so bad. I didn't have much pain during the procedure, but am feeling it all now. It started about 30 minutes after the treatment. I can't eat, drink, or sleep. I tried ambesol, but it didn't even work. I usually have a high pain tolerance so I must have had a really bad reaction to the treatment. I am just hoping to wake up tomorrow with some relief. If I can sleep???
Dr. Robert Deaver - Chicago

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