Are You Guys Nuts? Zoom is the Bomb!

I'm stunned by these negative reviews. Zooming...

I'm stunned by these negative reviews. Zooming produced absolutely fabulous results. The dental office wanted me to use a special toothpaste for a few days first, so that my teeth would not be so sensitive. But I was all jacked up and wanted it done ASAP, so I went ahead with the procedure right then and there. Yes, there are "zinging" sensations in your teeth. So what? For anyone who has yellowing teeth (I only drink three things: coffee, red wine and water. First two: not so good for white teeth!) and suffered from the associated embarrassment, zinging in the teeth is NOTHING. After Zoom, my teeth were whiter than some bonding on them that had been in place for years! I use the trays they created for me about once a week now, just to keep them pearly white. So worth it!

I went to my dental office with my son. He had a check up and I had a few minor things to take care of. I kept looking up at the ads of those beautifully white, pearly teeth. I figured why can't I look like that? So, I decided to be spontanious and get it done. The original shade my dentist showed me compared to the initial results at the end of the procedure was remarkable. And it only gets better as you continue to follow the directions given to you by your dentist. Yes, there is some slight discomfort. No pain no gain. A few short hours of a slight tingling sensation that eventually goes away is worth not covering my smile. A smile I've neglected by abusing it for years of all types of food with coloring, including my favorite Thai dishes with that delicious curry flavor. Well, everything in moderation now! And I smile more often and check on my teeth more often. No more embarassing yellow teeth!
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