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Zoom Not Really Worth It, Save Your Money

I had this procedure done about 24 hours ago. ...

I had this procedure done about 24 hours ago. Compared to some, I guess the pain I am experiencing is mild to moderate. But it sure is uncomfortable. Despite all the packing of the gums and so forth in the mouth, I still have a few burned areas, mostly inside my lower lip, side of my tongue and a couple areas on my gums. That's the most painful for me, because I can't eat normally. My teeth do ache a little occasionally, but it's not too bad.

I could put up with the pain if the whitening was great, but it's not. I only changed by about 2-3 shades, which is a little disappointing, because I was told with how yellow my teeth were I'd likely have a really good response. Don't get me wrong, my teeth are whiter, but not as much as I thought for this price and discomfort. Honestly, I wish I'd saved my money. I also spent another $100 for the trays, but I have to wait a week for those.

Also, my teeth are not uniformly white, as there are some slightly blotchy areas...but you wouldn't notice these unless you were looking very closely.

Overall, not worth it.


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Was it $300 for the whitening plus another $100 for your trays or was it a grand total of $300 for the whitening & trays?
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