Use Zinc Oxide After Photofacial

I am not sure why doctors don't tell their...

I am not sure why doctors don't tell their patients, but using a sunscreen with zinc oxide 5% or higher keeps the brown spots from recurring as fast. Of course they will come back and that's why you need to go in every 12-18 months for a "touch-up." I had to ASK my doctor about this or else I'm not sure she would've told me. I've used it everyday and my age spots have not come back or the ones that have are very pale.

I am going for my 1st touch up at the end of this summer and it's been 16 months since my last photofacial.

Walmart, Kroger, and Walgreens all sell this type of suncreen under their own brand. Neutrogena also sells it - I believe it's the Baby Pure and Free with pink/black/white bottle. Those are all $10 or less. Skinceuticals sells it for about $30. I've used both the expensive and the cheap. They all work.

Good Luck everyone!

I just got a coupon email today for 2 photofacials for $150 so it sounds like a good price. Question - I had a facelift a little over 2 weeks ago. Can you still have this done if you have had a recent facelift? Should you use the zinc oxide sunscreen in place of a moisturizer? Thanks!
had it done 3 weeks ago and the big brown spots are gone. The reason they come back is couse the skin is damaged beyond repair a the cellular level. I use 100% zink oxide on my face. Stay away from the sun !!!

Hi Amber,

Fantastic info for the community to know. So many members say their brown spots come back and they are upset with the procedure, but I don't think everyone knows about the after care.

Thanks and Happy Wednesday!


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