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Sauna Will Remove Just As Much Weight

This doesn't work. I had nine sessions with no...

This doesn't work. I had nine sessions with no measurable difference. I am 30lbs overweight. They mentioned that their more expensive services work better on their clients. I thought they were up selling. Then I find out later that the reason they offer three extra sessions for the price of 6 is because Zerona hadn't been working on their clients. I wanted to believe Zerona works but it didn't do anything. When they say they can remove 7 inches it is from the whole body which is the same thing a sauna can do (temporarily).

I have an Infra Red Sauna and sweat like a pig, but I have not lost any inches or cellulite after 18 months. It has help my skin, sinus issues, and I feel better knowing I am getting rid of toxins.
Not even close. this procedure does work. Perhaps the Dr. that administered your procedure didn't do a thorough consultation with you. Perhaps you may have a underlying medical condition. You must stay hydrated, also, altering your schedule or lifestyle during the treatment can also cause this to not work properly...that and the diodes have to be properly placed on the the body.
Just thought I would reiterate that I am walking proof and didn't change a thing and have lost both weight and 9 and 1/2 inches in 2 weeks.
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