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I had my procedure done about 4 days ago. The...

I had my procedure done about 4 days ago. The procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. I got the large applicator on my upper and lower abdominals. When the suction was removed and the technician massaged the fat down it was painful. That night I was very swollen and numb. Yesterday was less swollen and started feeling stinging sensations all over. It's uncomfortable but nothing too painful. I am sleeping well and able to go about my day as normal. I haven't had to take any meds for the pain yet. I will keep you guys updated.

Today is day 11 and I'm happy to say all my pain...

Today is day 11 and I'm happy to say all my pain and swelling is just about gone. At Day 5 I had terrible pain that felt like cats were scratching my insides. I got the Neurontin but it really didn't help. Ice packs worked wonders. I even slept with them. Last night was my first night pain free. I have uploaded a pic so you can see where I am after 11 days.
How are you doing now? I had mine done about a week after you so would love to know your current progress. Thanks
Doing well. Most swelling is gone. Still numb near my belly button, but no pain at all. I can finally wear jeans again. My lower belly has gotten smaller, but it is still a little flabby. Hoping it gets better in a few weeks. I still need to go in for my sides but I am scared. That pain was unbearable for about 8 straight days!
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