Husband and I Both Had Zeltiq - Waste of Money

My husband and I both had Zeltiq done......he on...

My husband and I both had Zeltiq done......he on his love handles and me on my abdomen. It has now been 3 months and neither of us can notice a bit of difference, not in inches or the way or clothes fit. We even took pictures on our own to compare when we were 3 monts out. We took the pics in very good lighting, wearing only underwear. We just took after pics wearing the same thing and there is no difference.

He is in very good shape, runs daily, and is about 5'11, 165lbs. His only problem area was his love handles, he has a very flat stomach. His results are very easy to measure. I am in relatively good shape, could be better at 5'5 and 145, but with good muscle tone. I chose my abdomen b/c it was the only area that I could have possibly needed reduction for which they had a handpiece. If there would have been a handpiece for thighs I would have definitely had them done. However, I had abs done, but don't really have bad abs, relatively flat with a small pouch on lower abs. I also should be a candidate with easily measurable results.......I have none.

It is very frustrating to drop this kind of $, especially in this economy, for something that doesn't work at all. I always research things before I do/buy them and all of the press on this procedure sounded so positive........... I should have waited until it was around long enough for the reviews to start coming in.

I'm so tired of Dr's touted every new non-invasive fat reduction procedure they offer, only to disappoint and rip off their clients on most of them. We need to quit making plastic surgeons rich off of "snake oil" and not paying for procedures without some guarantee of measurable results!!

I had Zeltiq done last its been 9 days...
I have been in major pain ..except for I worked out.. woke at 445 am in pain...
I'm not kidding you..I'm no baby. But I'm in tear mode..can't play witg the kids..dogs.
I was in pain during the procedure...they knew it..
This is unbelievable..
They say I'm the only one..
I dont think so..I've found many online..
Anyone else?
This us unbearable..
They have called in a topical. Waiting to pick it up..

I'd be curious to learn if you were offered an alternative body contouring procedure. Zeltiq is effective for very focal fatty deposits along the abdomen and flanks. Its not effective for more generalized fatty deposits. Were you offered a liposuction procedures as an alternative to Zeltiq? Were you told that liposuction will have a more comprehensive and reliable result?
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I didn't want to fill this part out. I think, overall, that the dr was a nice man, but the technology was poor. I can't say he wouldn't be good at other areas of his practice.

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