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I Am a Mother of Twins and One Child. 29 Years Old Planning my Dream Body - Yuma, AZ

I wish to have my tummy back...I have 3 years...

I wish to have my tummy back...I have 3 years thinking of it..I feeling depress every day when I look my body in a mirror i cant believe sometimes I cry desperate..
I already have my consultation on Mexicaly. Mexico) but I am afraid ..I DONT WANT fail chosing the right doctor for my dream body..i dont want a plastic body i m looking for a natural good looking i know there is somebody who can bring me this..
i live in arizona close to the border..please ..im willing to take options to get what i want.

I was reading your post and I seen dr luque did.your friends surgery what did she..done I know we messages each other before but I want to know how ur friend turn out

Welcome to RealSelf.  Make sure to have at least 3 consults before deciding on a doctor.  The most important part of the process is finding the doctor that you totally trust.  

Keep us up to date on how your search is going.

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