YOU PAY TO BE SCARRED Because Nothing Changes but for the Worst!

I'm 44 years old in great health except I felt...

I'm 44 years old in great health except I felt like my face was falling, jowls. I have experienced just about all the negatives I have read in these postings. After 11 months of living with my bulging red scars from my earlobes to my jawline and still had the jowls, I sought another plastic surgeon. Dr. {edited}'s office had never seen scars like mine before and felt this could be used as a warning to anyone contemplating LSL in San Diego. So Elizabeth Sanchez/Channel 10 news is doing a story on me regarding the deceitful practice of LSL. I am very grateful to Dr. {edited} whom performed my reconstruction a month ago because I already can tell the difference. As soon as my bandages were off I immediately touched the side of my face where the bulging red scars were at and they weren't there! I can already wear my hair up without having anyone grimace with disgust. AVOID LSL IN SAN DIEGO!!! DON'T DO IT!! Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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I watched the infomercial this morning and phoned them. The girl who answered spoke as if I was the village idiot and, when I told her I had no pen handy so just mail a brochure, replied "phone us back when you have a pen" and hung up. I'm then decided to look LSL up on my computer. What a waste of time and what a horrible rip-off this appears to be. I doubt if a lower-face facelift by a board certified plastic surgeon would cost much more than SLS charges.
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have the news reporter contact me andI will give her soem great info along with EVERONE elase on this site who had awful results!!
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I just read your comments; I have a consult is the SD 2/9; I'm going to cancel; too much risk, thanks for posting. B
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