You Get What You Pay for

I recieved my first treatment as a gift and found...

I recieved my first treatment as a gift and found it to have fairly good results. I have mild acne scars and sun spots which have lessened in appearance since the treatment.

Many other complaints listed on this page have paid far less than I did and typically had poor results. I found the average price to be between $120 to $175 and majority had positive results. So, my advice would be to spend a little more to get the better results.

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It is best to go to liscensed professionals.

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Bsolutely right! I just had it done last night...125.00, an hour of my time, and wonderful even after the first of what I'm going to get - a series of 3. I'm 42, have sun spots and light acne scarring around my jawline and cheek area...and use Differin to help exfoliate that. This was equivalent to 2 - 3 weeks of usage. I am very impressed! No pain, maybe a tingle, relaxing and I'm heading back in 2 weeks. I am quite happy ...spend the money, go to someone who's done it for at least 5 years.

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