Radiesse in Nasolabial Folds - Swelling or Permanent Puffiness?

Pros- I can see no pros right now.Cons- Look...

Pros- I can see no pros right now.

Cons- Look horrifying! At least 9 hours later. Can't recognize myself.

I did it as I had prominent nasolabial lines and wanted a smoother more youthful appearance. It is my birthday soon and I was treating myself to this procedure so I the way I look could be better fitting with how I feel.

I'll update after a few days with new pros and cons and will contact my doctor in the morning.

Just wish I would have known to expect horrifying...

Just wish I would have known to expect horrifying swelling! 3 days later, I look pretty good! It was totally worth the money and I think I look younger. Very happy with the results. 

Just had Radiesse for my nasolabial folds for the first time early today. The doctor used one syringe for the entire area. Now, 9 hours post-injection, I appear to be very swollen. At least I am praying that I am swollen and that this is not be permanent. Honestly, I look horrible- like one of those nightmare photos of plastic surgery gone wrong. All around my mouth is puffy and my lips have recessed into my mouth. My eyes look like they should be on a different face as I am completely disproportionate. I was under the impression that you could resume normal activities immediately. I would only be able to resume activities if it did not require anyone to see me! My husband was taken-a-back by my appearance as well. I have been icing all day per my doctor's recommendation. Please someone give me some honest feedback here.
Whew! An update is in order here. I was swollen! The results now look really, really good 3 days later. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish my doctor would have warned me about the swelling. I had no idea that I was going to look that bad. Had I known, I would not have freaked out the way I did, thinking that I would look like that for the next year! I do recommend Dr. Fagman- just be warned- you could swell up like a pumpkin too so plan on laying low for a couple of days.
thank God. I jusst have my done. I look so bad that I can cry ...
Don't worry Puffy. I cried too and now they are tears of joy! :)
Chicago Ophthalmologist

He is very reputable and did a good job. He spent a lot of time with me explaining the procedure and making appropriate recommendations.

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