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I had a MACS lift with autologous fat grafting 4...

I had a MACS lift with autologous fat grafting 4 days ago. 9/21/2011. This is a face lift with some of my own fat injected into my chin. I just turned 49 and am planning some major life changes. I hope this will give me the confidence I need. I'm hoping that a more youthful appearance will give me an edge in the job market. My face looks lopsided and is still swollen. I do feel better about this after reading some of the experiences of others. I know it's still early.


hi... hope you are feeling ok? I had face lift& brow lift back in april and am delighted with the results... i have been looking into fat transfer for the face as my lips and chin etc still have faint lines... i was considering the far transfer when they separate the stem cells from the fat in some special process and then the fat grafts better... is that what you had done? Be very interested to know as its quite a new thing...
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Re: your coworkers..right now they think you are crazy, but once their faces start falling they will realize you aren't! I always swore I'd never have a face lift..just grow old gracefully, blah blah blah!
Yesterday, I got a second opinion and he wants to do my facelift completely different than the first doc. He called it a MACS "Todays Face Lift". He cuts at the base of the sideburn and more in the front of the ear and less in the back of the ear and not in the back hairline at all. In doing this, he lifts the face, rather than pulling it back. Is that what you had done? He also does it in the hospital and you stay overnight. Adds about 3,000., but my hubby and parents think it just might be worth it. In about 2 weeks, I'm going for a third opinion and then we will make the decision.
Happy to hear you are able to go back to work so quickly. I love Bostons. Before we got into pugs, I was really considering a boston. Take care, keep healing and keep me posted on your progress! pam
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Good luck with your life changes. Hope you are healing well. I'm still investigating doctors and am very nervous about all this, but really want to do it. Wish it was over!
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I am changing my status to a thumbs up. I can see...

I am changing my status to a thumbs up. I can see that it's going to look great! It's been 16 days and my right side is still more swollen than my left. I'm very puffy around my eyes. I would advise anyone doing this to take as much time off work as you can. I can feel my face getting tight through the work day. I am assuming this is swelling. I think i'm going to be thrilled in another month!


Hi Carolinelucy. In my case they extracted fat from my inner thighs and put it in my chin. I am delighted with my chin and neck. I think it looks great. Good luck to you!

Hi Pam, sorry for my slow response. I had my surgery done in office and I was aware of everything going on. If you can afford to have them knock you out, DO IT! It was painful and you can hear everything going on the way I had it done. I am still so swollen, especially aroun my right eye, but I think it is better every day. I think I'm going to be really happy. Let me know if you made a decision and keep me posted! BTW, I love pugs too!
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Thanks for posting an update, DeeDee. I'm glad to hear your results are getting better!

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I haven't seen my doctor since the surgery. The day after his nurse cut my bandages off & was incredibly reassuring. I expect to see him when I go back in 2 days. I wasn't told anything about vitamins to take or foods to eat to speed my healing process. The entire staff has been great though. I'm having trouble posting pics. I'll try again later.

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