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I first went to Dr Swift almost a year ago through...

I first went to Dr Swift almost a year ago through a Groupon or Living Social promotion (can't remember) for Botox. I was very pleased with the time he spent with me explaining the procedure, meticulously applying the Botox and was totally happy with the results. I have tried different Drs since moving to NY four years ago and now Dr Swift is my only Dr to go to for cosmetic issues. Recently, I went to him for restalyne around my eyes. I was a little nervous because I had bruised a year ago with a different Dr. Dr. Swift made me feel very comfortable and really spent his time applying and "sculpting" the restalyne. I walked out totally confident, happy with the results and NO bruising. Kudos to Dr. Swift. I will be back soon :)

Oh yeah, getting eye injections can always be a bit nerve wracking since its such a sensitive area to treat. It's great that yours turned out so well! Did you do anything special before your treatment to prep for it?

I just didn't take any ibuprofen for two weeks before and then the Dr applied a numbing cream for a few minutes before the procedure and a little ice compresses after. I am very happy with the results!

Glad to hear! Amazing how much the ice and numbing cream do to make things more comfortable, isn't it?!

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